Chapter 1

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"Once you've met someone, you never really forget them." Harmony Leo didn't realize she had said that out loud, until her brother Austin made a snide remark about it.

"I see you've finally lost your mind." He sneered as he threw his bag inside their van before shuffling in himself.

The brunette didn't bother looking at him from the foggy window. "I'm just quoting something from an anime movie, dummy."

He scoffed at that, adding to her annoyance. "Is anime all you think about?"

"Yeah, so what if it is?" She retorted angrily.

"You seriously need to stop watching that stuff, you know that? Maybe that's why you believe in dreams more than reality."

Okay, now that was the last straw for her. So, she pulled out every sibling's signature move, poked her head out the car window, and yelled: "MOM! Austin's bugging me again!"

The woman known as 'mom' was just heading towards her car in the parking lot with the other pair of her kids, a tired frown already on her face, as she wondered when her two eldest children would finally grow up.


"I swear, that guy really gets on my nerves sometimes!" Harmony twisted and scrunched the paper in front of her quite violently, her black haired and dark-skinned friend feeling sorry for it all of a sudden. It was a miracle the girl had made it to school without killing anyone. "He was the one that started it, yet I was the one who got yelled at!"

Ultima Silverblitz had been Harmony's friend long enough to know that interrupting her ranting was the dumbest move you could make. So, she sat there by her desk, bobbing her head in agreement with every word she said, hoping she'd leave her test paper alone already.

"Ugh, why are parents so unfair all the time?!" Harmony banged her head on the desk and kicked her feet underneath it out of frustration.

"Just ignore him." Ultima finally said, as carefully as she could.

"Its not that easy, ya'know." The girl stated through the wisps of chestnut coloured hair covering her face.

"Well, first period is about to start, so I'm going back to my desk, k?" Ultima glanced at her friend's still head before getting onto her feet. But, as she walked past, a hand latched onto her's and stopped her. What is this, a shoujo manga?  She thought, holding back a scowl.

Harmony craned her neck enough to face the tall frame of her friend. "Thank's for always listening to me, May." She called her by her nickname, adding to her discomfort.

"You're welcome." Even so, she forced a smile and fought the urge to cringe.

The bell rang, and after a few minutes, their teacher, Mrs. Exley entered, her short blonde hair as disheveled as ever. As she made her way to the front of the classroom, the sharp lead of a pencil poked Harmony in the back. 

"Ow!" She winced as she turned around to meet the culprit. Although it was obvious who it was. Only one guy in this class had the indecency to poke people like that. Charlie Dexter gave her a grin full of braces with great pride. 

"Hey Harmonica!"

"You know, I'm seriously starting to doubt you're the captain of the football team." She glared at him repulsively, but he just laughed it off and ignored her. He was used to being chewed out by girls at this point.

"Listen to this though..." He leaned closer, while Harmony inched back. "Rumor has it there's a new student coming to our class."

The girl was appalled. "Another one? There are already enough idiots in here!"

"I know right! And the biggest one is you!"

A smug look from her was enough to shut him up. That, and the fact that the principal had just walked in. As the elderly woman spoke to their teacher, Harmony let out a sigh. A new student, huh? She said in her head, playing with her eraser. Let's just hope he or she isn't from that clan...She gazed up two rows ahead at the back of a certain someone, her blonde ponytail high and tight.

A few moments later, the principal left, and this 'new student' everyone was talking about  finally entered. While the girls made their honest opinions about him known, and the guys acted like they couldn't care less, Harmony's eyes stuck to him like glue. She followed his slow movements until he made it to the front of the classroom, her mouth agape the whole time. Sure, he wasn't in uniform, his gray hoodie and faded jeans making him stick out like a sore thumb, but that wasn't the reason she was so fixated on him. No, there was something more....something she couldn't actually believe was true.

That messy brown hair. Those soft, almond coloured eyes. That slightly crooked nose. There was no way she would forget that face. She had vowed to remember it. But, as she continued to stare at this boy, stiff and aloof, as he had always been, she wondered: Did he remember her?

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