Lemon Flavored Tsundere

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I stood there a little in shock by her statement.

     (Y/n): Woah wait, you want me to join the Yakuza?!

     Miyo: Of course. You're obedient, resourceful, and you get results. Any organization would be stupid to turn down someone with one of the those traits; let alone all three in one package.

     (Y/n): Thank you, I'm flattered.

     Miyo: No need to thank me, I assume this will be a mutually beneficial relationship but just to make sure...

     She then looked at Mikura.

     Miyo: How'd he do Mikura?

     Mikura: Excellent. He played perfectly and the other people at the table found him impossible to read. When he won and the host was irate, he stayed calm until I could neutralize the host.

Miyo: Great. You've surpassed my expectations, Mr (L/n).

(Y/n): Thank you, Ms Inbami.

Miyo: We'll be in touch. Until then, farewell. Mikura, please show him out while I give word to Ms Momobami.

Mikura: Yes Ma'am.

Mikura and I both bowed and then left the room. We then began to walk through the large mansion.

(Y/n): So Mikura...

She gave a light smile.

Mikura: Yes?

(Y/n): Did I hit a nerve to deserve that smile?

I lightly poked her cheek.

Mikura: No, I just like hearing you say my name. Please, call me by it more.

(Y/n): Well it's a beautiful name, I'll be sure to do so. Anyway; would you mind giving me a ride back to my apartment? I was in a trunk when we got here and I have no idea how far away we are from my home.

     Mikura: No, I will not.

     (Y/n): What? Why?!

     Mikura: Because you don't live there anymore, you'll be living with me at my house.

     (Y/n): Wow really?!

     Mikura: Yes, if you want. No disrespect, but that apartment complex you live in is in so much disrepair that it looks like it'll collapse at any moment and it smells like a corpse filled barn.

(Y/n): Ouch, I thought you said you liked it because it was "humble".

Mikura: I lied. My house is rather old and far from perfect but it should prove sufficient for you.

(Y/n): Well I'm flattered that you'd let me move in!

Mikura: Absolutely. If the kiss didn't make it obvious...

She pushed me up against the wall and pressed her body against me!

Mikura: I like you quite a lot.

She then gave me a light little kiss on the lips. I ran my hand down her back and lightly squeezed her perfect ass, I just wish there wasn't a skirt and underwear over it. She lightly jumped at the contact from not expecting it.

(Y/n): I like you a lot too Mikura~

She smiled and we continued to walk out of the large mansion. We walked over to a black sedan and got inside, she drove while I sat in the passenger seat. We kept driving for awhile until we went up a long driveway in a nice yard with trees all over it and a small pond. She parked outside of a very nice rocky house that looked vaguely victorian era in architecture.

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