• when you're sad •

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~ Hella comforting

~ "baby I'm listening , I promise"

~sometimes he even cries with you

~ he has you lay on his chest as he strokes your hair and let's you explain everything to him

~these are the times that he realizes that your extremely important to him, it helps him stay sober tbh

~it most likely calms you down

~you and him fall asleep together :')


~ when it comes to comforting, he is the best

~you dont even have to speak for him to walk over to you, wrap his strong arms around you, and just hug you.

~he makes you feel warm and safe

~he'll take you out to eat ice cream when you calm down

~he's so precious


~when it come to being comforting, it can be a struggle sometimes

~Five is always the strong one, he'll NEVER EVER show how he feels, but when it comes to you, he truly tries so hard to show you how much he adores and loves you.

~"remember, I am always here for you, no matter how busy or how stubborn I can be. I am here, always."

~he'll usually make you a cup of coffee and listen as you talk about what's bothering you.


~ as shy as she can be, she still can calm you down when you're having a bad day

~she'll lay your head on her lap and rub your back while you cry it out

~"shhhh it's okay, I understand"

~she'll move you to the bedroom where you to will lay down and cuddle ~♡


~he is always understanding

~ "come on now, don't cry babygirl."

~ he'll tell you how strong you are and how you dont deserve to be sad

~you and him will take a walk when you've calmed down, maybe even get some donuts


~half of the time you're sad, she is also sad

~you two comfort eachother by watching a movie on the couch and cuddling until you fall asleep

~you also try to watch a sad movie just to let the tears out


~he never misses a chance to cheer you up

~he's one of the most understanding people and you can ask him for help whenever

~ he'll sit down on a couch with you, wrap you up in a blanket and stroke you hair until he hears you breathing steady and he'll know that you've calmed down

A/n this was actually really cute to write like omg I'm blushing ~ ♡

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