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Shoot mate it's me a pile of bones and I'm here to do you an update because fluff you is why.

You pretty chill by your lonesome by a tree just staring out at the nighttime sky. It was beautiful all the way out here in the forest, you could see tons of stars. It made you happy and calm. The crickets were chirping in the distance, frogs would croak. The land was just calming and peaceful an..oh you feel asleep well that's fine.

You didn't mind the distant screams of the killers in the mansion a bit away, they were practicing and you didn't want to be around for that haha...no way..sleeping out here is far better. You would also always question yourself on why you even somewhat trusted these killers with your life basically in their hands.

You could just be a puppet to them to gain trust so you could just be backstabbed and feel more pain then them just instantly killing you but you didn't want to think about that so let's not. Change the topic!

Ah yes morning. You wake up. Wait a moment, this isn't where you fell asleep your sure of it. No way this wasnt the outside world nope this is a bed. A bed you have not seen. A bed you have not felt. This is a strangers bed. Yup, you've been kidnapped. "Well fu-" "Language and no you were not kidnapped." If slenderp had eyes he probably would have rolled them.

"I was gonna say fudge but ok" You say and look at him "why am I here exactly...?" You ask him. "You fell asleep outside, I bring you in and put you in my bed." Well that explains why the bed is huge.  "Ok well I'm going back to sleep now" You are now back to sleep congrats.

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