100 annoying things guys do!

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1. Mumble when they talk: i cant hear you!!!!!

2. When they smell bad: use deodorant

3. When your too scared to talk to me: i dont bite!

4. When they're over confident: confidence is good but ahhh not to much!

5.  When all they do is talk about themselves: i've had enough! What about me?

6. When you pretend to listen: its not that hard to use your ears...

7.  When they use a girl to get to another girl: why dont you just go up to the girl you want?!

8. Pass gass: yes i can smell it!

9. Have burping contests: you do realize that burps smell?

10.  When they pretend to be tough: we both know your a sook!

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question: What are some annoying things you think guys do?

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