sexy time?

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princess pov

i walk into daddy's room with my head down. he was working on this computer. he told me not to brother him but i was just so sad.

"da-daddy?", i hiccup.
"yes, princess?", he says in and annoyed voice not looking up at me.
"i-i sworry",i begin to cry.
"what did you do, babe?", i run over to him lap and bury myself in his chest.
"i too scared to have sexy time wif you"
"that's okay, princess. you don't have to if you don't want to", he strokes my head.
"i feel bad, dada. you must hate me", tears stream down my face again.
"no, no, no, baby. i could never hate you", he sets me down back on the ground. "look. one day, when you're ready, we will have sex together but until then i still love you", he kisses me.
"well....what if i is ready?"
"are you sure, princess. or are you just saying it to make me happy?"
"i serious!", i giggle.
"well if you really are ready, we can try later tonight, okay", i nod and skip out the room.
"princess!", i stop in my tracks and scurry back into the room.
"yes?", i ask quietly.
"wear something sexy and cute", i giggle again and run out.

daddy let me stay up past my bedtime of eight o'clock to have sexy time. i put on my cute pink choker with matching pink panties and bra. i also added some high knee socks.

this was daddy's favorite outfit on me

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this was daddy's favorite outfit on me. i personally hated it because it showed off my big ugly boobies and stretch marks. ewww.

i waited for daddy in the play room. i sat crisscross applesauce on the big fluffy rug. my heart started beating fast when i heard foot steps approach. daddy walk up to me with a smirk.

"on your knees", he demanded and i complied. his bulge right in my face as i looked forward.

i wondered how big it was and what it looked like. i'd never actually seen it before. i began daydreaming of it when he yelled at me.

"princess! stop daydreaming and pull down daddy's pants!", i quickly tug on the belt and pull them down.

his black boxer were very tight around him. ouhh! i could see the shape of his member from the outside. it seemed long and thick. oh no. liquid was dripping from his pants.

"now be a good princess and pull down daddy's boxers and give me a nice blowjob", i look up at him with pleading eyes. "go on, don't be scared"

i pull down his boxer and his member slaps me in the face. i pout from the slight pain but brush it off. i gulp at the size of it. woahhhh.

"dada, i-i don't fink i can do it"
"yes you can baby, just try", i nod and grab his member.

i open my mouth as wide as possible but only the tip could fit. he pushed my head forward and back. i could hear his moans and grunts. my princess parts started to tingle as i kept going.

eventually, my little mouth got sore and daddy said i could stop. next he laid down on the furry pink rub that was really comfortable. he opened my legs and pulled off my panties. i covered myself.

"don't do that princess, this is mine now. and i love it", i blushed at his words.

he started gently rubbing my nub. the feeling was really good. something i'd never felt before. by the end my heat was dripping.

"you ready princess?", i nod.

he positioned himself at my entrance and begins to push.

"wait!", i yell and he stops.
"are you okay, baby?"
"yes, i just scared", i pout.
"you'll be okay, i promise. i'm right here", he holds my hands begin again.

pain shoots through my body as he tries to go deep. the pain become to much and i panic. tear fall from my eyes and i push him away.

"oh! princess, did i hurt you?", he cradles me.
"y-es", i sniffle.
"princess, it didn't even go in", he chuckles.
"are you wafing at me?", i pout and he mocks my pout.
"you're a bad daddy", i giggle.
"i know, princess"
"uh huh?"
"can we never do that again?"


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