tinkle party

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princess pov

daddy has been soooo busy lately. iz been really sad because he's always at work. i have a new princess sitter named sarah. she's nice and all but i miss my daddy.

today daddy was off of work so i thought we would cuddle or even go out somewhere.

"dada, can we do something fun today?", i skip into the living room.
"i'm busy princess", he's play some stupid game on the tv.
"okay...can i watch my shows?"
"once i'm done", i pout.
"princess, stop begging", he smirks at me.

i shuffle away into my playroom. i grab mr.fluffy my bestest friend besides daddy and nova. i tell him about how i'm not getting any daddy time. he tells me to be a bad bratty princess to get daddy's attention.

i tell him it's a bad idea but he insists. so i listen to him.

i do the first thing that comes to my mind. diaper changing. daddy always pays attention to me when i use my diaper.

i grab my sippy cup full of apple juice and chug it. i still can't go potty so i get a big girl chair and hop on the bathroom counter. i turn on the faucet and drink.

my tummy begins to hurt from all the water but i keep drinking until i tinkle in my diaper. it felt great. hehe. i so icky.

i do this action a few more times until i had tinkled in my diaper four times. i jumped off the counter almost killing my self.

i try running to daddy but my pamper is all saggy and heavy. i waddle into the living room. i look behind me to see a trail of liquid. oops.

"dada?...", i whine.
"what the hell, princess? what happened?"
"well...well, i has an accident. i sorry", i kinda lie.
"princess, this is no accident! i just saw you ten minutes ago and you were fine, did you do this on purpose?"

i nod my head with shame.

"and now you're gonna have diaper rash", he rolls his eyes.
"not if you change me"
"oh no, princess. daddy's not changing you, you did this to yourself. either you change yourself or you stay in a nasty diaper until bath time tomorrow morning", he turns back on his game and plays.

i drop down to my booty and a puddle of pee surrounds me.

"oh and you're cleaning all this shit up", i huff.


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