hola, princessa pt.2

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princess pov

after the longest plane ride ever we finally landed. i was a little scared at first to land but daddy said i'd be okay. i stole a few peanut from the plane.

hehe. iz evil.

any who, i jumped off the plane steps onto the ground. it was really hot compared to the weather back home. the ground was a lot more red too.

"dada? is dis mix-i-coco?"
"mexico? yes babe, this is mexico", he grabs my hand.
"yeah!!!", i hop up and down then grab my pink suit case.

daddy said we would be staying at his mom's house. i hope his mommy is not a meanie butt. because i will be sad if she is.

we get in a small black car waiting for us and drive off. i play with my dolls as i drift more and more in to my little space.

after another super long time we finally rolled into a small neighborhood. it look pretty run down. no offense.

daddy told me to say that so i don't hurt people's feelings.

i saw a large group of meanie looking men staring at our car. i think one had a gun. oh no.

"dada! i scared!", i cry.
"don't be princess, i'm here to protect you", i nod and wipe my tears.

the car stops in front of a small house on a corner.

"this is it", he smiles at me.
"otay", i look across the street to see the group approaching us.
"you'll be fine", daddy gets out the car and walks towards them.

i fear for mine and his life. why was daddy being so crazy?

"ay yo! is-is that lil b?", the one in the wife beater asks.
"you know it", daddy walks up to him and bro hugs him.
"i'd though you'd never come back, lil hermano"

hermano? i think that means brother. dada has a brother?

daddy pov

"well, i brought my girl", the guys laugh.
"ouh, shit. b's finally gotta girl", he pushes me.
"i'm for real, spooky. she's in the car as we speak", they look over to my car.
"she tight", he whisper-talks and bites his lip.
"fuck off", i push him from off me.
"just wondering"
"yeah, yeah", i walk back over to the car.
"come one, princess. let's go"
"wait, daddy? you know them?", i nods. "oh"
"yeah, now let's get inside"

she scurries and get her bags. she follows me inside the house.

"mamá! i'm home!", i yells through the house.
"don't yell in my damn house", my mom yells back as she walks into the living room. "hijo, baby. you're back", she kisses my cheek.

"yeah mom, i texted you and told you i'd be coming"
"you know i don't pay any mind to any of those shits", she laughs. "and who is this?"

princess hides behind me and blushes.

"my girlfriend, rowan"
"oh!", my mom looks surprised.
"come on, babe. let's go to my room", i grab her hand and pull her up the stairs.

princess pov

"dada, you mommy seems like a very nice lady", i giggle jumping on his bed.
"yeah, when she wants to be", i yawn since i missed nap time.
"how about you stay in here and take a nice long nap til dinner and i'll go talk to my mom", i nod my head and fall back onto the bed.

dada leaves the room. my eyes open wide. i was very very sleepy but i wanted to be agent princess today and investigate the house. hehe.

i tiptoed out the room and into the hall. i walked to the stairs and i could hear everything daddy was saying.

"who the fuck is that little girl, blair?!", his mom yells.
"i fuckin told you, she's my girlfriend!", dada replies.
"she looks twelve!"
"well she's not. she's nineteen, ma"
"nineteen my ass", she scoffs.
"why are you being like this?"
"because you tell me you're coming home for the first time in four years and you bring home a little girl"

iz not a little girl, i think as i get mad.

"she's not a little girl, mom!"
"okay. whatever, b. just wait til your father gets home and see what he has to say about it"
"fine! i will!", i hear footsteps approach and i try crawling away as fast as i could but daddy catches me.

"were you ease dropping?", i shake my head 'no'.
"come on, let's go take a nap", i grab his head and we walk back to his room and take a nice long nap.

i wake up before daddy does and crawl out the bed. i was really hungry so i took my little booty down stairs.

dada's mommy was in the kitchen cooking.

"hiya...is it almost din din time? cuz i hungry"
"um-no dinner isn't almost ready", i nod. "where's blair?"
"who's da?", i rub my eyes.
"you're boyfriend? my son?"
"ohhhh! you mean daddy!", i giggle forgetting daddy's real name. "daddy's upstairs sleeping"
"daddy, huh?", she repeats and i sit in a big girl chair.
"yep and i'm his princess", i giggle and kick my feet.
"where did you guys meet?"
"uh...oh! at a babygirl and princesses auction. daddy bought me for a lot of money but he loves me", she turns around and glares at me.

uh oh.

"so he bought you? like you were an object?", i nod.
"but i can assure you miss mommy that my daddy loves me and that he provides for me", she looks over my shoulder and i turn around.

it's daddy.

"daddy!!!", i run to him.
"hola, princessa", he kisses my forehead. "how about you go get ready for supper", i nod and skip off up stairs.

miss mommy doesn't seem too mean but she's not the nicest mommy ever either.


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