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Gaige has woken up next to quite a few boys in his life. Sleepovers as a little boy with friends he thought would be there forever. He's woken next to his brother at relative houses where they had to share beds. But what related most to this particular moment was when he would wake up next to whatever boy he had unfortunately used to occupy himself. Or to burn any unnecessary calories. 

Rolling over to face Adonis -the other boy's eyes fluttering, face graceful still captured in sleep- Gaige had flashbacks of some wild nights in Florida. Out of habit, he was about to scold himself for not waking up earlier to sneak out before Adonis woke when he realized it was his bed they were sleeping in. In clothes. Via invitation. With acknowledgment from the parents of the household. 

Gaige, strangely, didn't want to wake up Adonis right away. Why would he? Adonis wasn't one of the annoying hookups how were merely parasites in his bed, Adonis wasn't an ugly sleeper or a snorer. The boy's blonde hair was splayed over his eyes and the pillow, his pale pink lips open to let a little stream of air in and out. Gaige didn't care about getting out of bed and going to school -he never did- he didn't mind laying in bed and sleeping next to Adonis all day if it were necessary.

But then Gaige's alarm went off. He snapped his head towards his phone, ignoring the soft groans of Adonis waking up next to him. He could hear Krista and Milton moving around on the other side of the wall, getting ready for school. Adonis had convinced Gaige to set the alarm a little earlier, so he could get ready and set up his cameras to film Gaige getting ready for school. 

Gaige reached for his phone, sliding off the alarm, turning himself in the sheets to face Adonis, who was rubbing his eyes, a crease of frustration between his eyebrows. Gaige hated himself for not making fun of the face, for appreciating it. 

"Come on, get up," Gaige pushed his own hair out of his face with the hand with no phone in it, "We don't have a lot of time before Milton and Krista will threaten to leave. Especially if you want...breakfast."

Gaige watched as Adonis grunted again, running a hand down his face, before sighing and opening his eyes, showing Gaige the tiredness Adonis had looking forward towards the day. Adonis' tongue darted out, wetting his lips, before he sighed one more time, rolled on his back, and threw back his covers. 

Gaige laid in the bed, covers pulled high to keep his goosebumps unvisible to Adonis. He watches through heavy, tired lids as Adonis shuffles around the room, digging in one of the many bags he brought, pulling out a pile of clothes.

"Alright, I'm going to get dressed first then we'll film from there," Adonis straightened, and then stilled, "Where should I change?" Adonis knew the bathroom was most likely occupied with Gaige's step-siblings also getting ready for school.

Gaige blinked, and closed his eyes, "Right here. Don't worry, I'll keep my eyes shut," And then stayed still, imagining how his day would be filled with weird looks because he'd have someone following him with a camera all day.

Adonis' eyes had widened, hands gripping his bundle of clothes. He was not like Gaige. He was the type of kid that didn't stay out later than nine. Who didn't know what it was like stirring up some other's sheets. Getting dressed in front of someone -particularly an attractive boy- was not in his skill set. But he knew he was on a time crunch. His motivation to film some good shots of Gaige pulling on a sweatshirt and sectioning off three inches of a banana gave him motivation and confidence to slowly peel of his pajama shirt and put on his clothes for the day. 

"O-okay..." Adonis sucked up a big breath to fill his lungs as Gaige's eyes fluttered open after their rest. He stayed in bed, watching from under his warm blankets as Adonis fidgeted with his camera, putting on a lens and testing out the focus. He cleared his throat and looked over at Gaige, "I'm going to open the blinds for more natural light, alright?" Gaige shrugged, so Adonis set the camera close the blinds in a skillful way, before pulling the cord and letting light flash into the room and blind a still wakening Gaige. 

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