My Immortal

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Chapter 1

"Jesy, wake up" My brother, Austin said while shaking me lightly. I flattered my eyes open and was greeted by his adorable smile.

"Good morning, Bro" I told him, sitting up and rubbing the tired out of my eyes.

"Morning it is, good not so much" He stated, I looked at him and my smiled vanished

"Why do you have to leave" I said, after I saw him dressed all nice with his blue Jordan's on.

"Manager called, said it was an emergency. I tried to make him push it back but you know how he is" He said, bringing me in for a hug. I let out a deep sigh, he always leaves!

"It's fine, I'll just be here, doing boring shit" I said while reaching for my 'glasses' on the night stand. He smiled widely.

"And when I come back, we will do fun shit" He told me, we both laughed. We both got up from my bed and walked down the stairs and to the door.

I gave him a hug and told him my 'good bye and be careful' speech, and then he left. I went up to my room to get dressed, I got dressed in some striped shorts, a black bra T-shirt thingy, put on black flats and a orange see through cover up.

Went in the restroom and put on mascara, a nude lipgloss on and just brushed my hair, and put on some contacts.

I went out in our backyard and grabbed my cigarette box and my lighter that was cover in flames. They were both hidden in a bush, where Austin won't find them. I open the carton that only had two left.

"Shit!" I cursed loudly to myself, I pulled one out and put it up in between my lips, then lit it on fire. I took a breath in, removed the cigarette from my lips and breath out the smoke. I got my phone out and called my friend. After three rings he answers.

"Hello" He said, with his thick accent

"Hey Liam" I said, on the other end I heard shuffling

"Hey Babe" I heard, a smile spread across my lips. Zayn was my boyfriend of two years, and Austin still doesn't know about him, and I tend to keep it that way.

"Hey Jesy"  Liam said, laughing, that made me laughing too.

"Hey guys, I called for a favor" I told them.

"Anything" They said at the same time.

"I need more cigarettes, can you guys get me some more" I begged, I know Zayn can't say no.

"Sure we will, we will see you soon babe" Zayn said, I smiled

"Thanks you guy, see you soon" I said and then hug up the phone. I dropped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. I then picked it back up and threw it away.

I walked over to the couch ant sat down. Turning the t.v.on, before I could watch whatever was on my phone rang.

"Hello" I answered the phone.

"Hey girl!" I heard my best friend, Leigh-anne on the other line. A huge from quickly planted on my lips.

"Yo girl, what's up" I told her

"I wanted to ask you a question" She said

"Sure anything" I quickly said

"How would  you like to go to a party tonight"

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