Ch 3. Part 3

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3rd Pov

   the next day, richie gave y/n the note. she read it over a few times and blushed immensely.

after she read the note for the last time, that was when she realized something that was almost transparent from the beginning.

   "january embers." y/n whispered after she read the note for the third time. her lips crept up into a contagious smile.

   "what?" beverly had asked.

   "oh, it's just a poem." y/n answered, not taking her eyes off the letter.

   "how's it go?" beverly was intrigued by this poem her friend spoke of.

" 'your hair is winter fire. january embers. my heart burns there too.' "

like beverly, richie had taken interest in this poem. it was obvious to anyone else that richie felt something for beverly. she returned those same feelings towards him also. at the time, they didn't know what those feelings were exactly but perhaps they would turn into something life changing.

"eddie wrote it." y/n added.

richie and beverly exchanged mischievous grins. "we'll be back, y/n." beverly said as her and richie slowly stood up, not breaking their eye contact.

"have fun, children. be back before curfew." y/n laughed.

   "yes'm." beverly and richie exclaimed, in unison. they turned to each other and blushed after they said that in unison.

   the two exited the hospital room and made their way to eddie's room.

   "your hair is winter fire!" richie yelled, dramatically as they burst through the door to eddie's room.

   "january embers!" beverly added.

   "my heart burns there too!" richie finished.

   eddie was sat in his hospital bed, stunned.

   "what?" he choked.

   "it's only a poem we heard from our dear friend and sister, y/n m/n (middle name) tozier." richie exclaimed, in a teasing tone. the two sat in the chairs as eddie continued to stare at them in awe.

   "you said that that letter was an apology letter." richie tried to stifle laughter at the memory of his awkwardness in the letter.

   "it is...kinda." eddie groaned.

   "also, she might know that you wrote that poem." beverly added. eddie's eyes widened about twice it's usual size.

   "it's one thing for her to know i like her but for her to know that i wrote that poem is another thing." eddie grabbed his inhaler with his good arm and began taking frantic puffs from it.

   "what's so bad about her knowing that you wrote the poem?" richie asked, dumbfounded.

   "the poem is literally about having a deep love for someone that is completely different than just liking someone." eddie explained, in between puffing his inhaler.

   "you're so awkward." richie mumbled, shaking his head.

   "she seemed to react pretty good to the letter and when she found out the poem was written by you." beverly informed him which gave eddie a sense of assurance.

"how did she react?" he asked.

"she was all blushy and smiley." richie told him in a childish tone.

"blushy isn't a word, richie." beverly laughed.

"it is now."

"anyway what we're trying to say is, it's obvious that she has 'a deep love' for you too, eddie." beverly explained with a smile. she made quotations with her fingers when she said 'a deep love'.

"shit..." eddie murmured.

"what?" richie asked.

"what am i supposed to do now?" eddie asked, his eyes wide.

richie then remembered that they wouldn't be staying. they were moving on the first day of september. he overheard y/n and his mother talking about beverly coming with them. some thing in richie's mind told him that if beverly didn't go, he wouldn't be able to either.

"eddie, there might be a problem." richie uttered. he sounded almost speechless.

"what is it?" eddie asked, cautiously.

"we're moving on the first day of september to some podunk town in indiana." richie informed him.

"yeah, y/n asked me if i wanted to go with you guys." beverly whispered.

eddie looked as if the breath had just been knocked out of him. "how long have you guys known?"

"since the beginning of sunmer." richie answered, softly.

steam seemed to blow out of eddie's ear. "wh-why didn't you guys tell us?"

"we wanted to, we just didn't know how to." richie threw his hands up, defensively.

"so, you just decidedly gave me false hope and now you're just gonna say that you're moving." eddie exclaimed. "what the fuck." he muttered.

"we aren't giving you false hope." beverly replied.

"yes you are. i thought that i might have a chance. you know what, fuck you guys."

"fine, be like that. see you in hell!" richie yelled. he grabbed beverly's hand and dragged her out of the room.

 he grabbed beverly's hand  and dragged her out of the room

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