Just Be Careful

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The second I tried to step in the car, Ben came through the gate and ran after me. Maybe he saw me through the window, or heard me drop on the trampoline. Damn it.

He looked inside the car to see a few people, some of the boys looking a lot older than I did. His facial expression clearly showed he was alarmed.

"Come here," He demanded.

"No, you're not in charge of me," I snapped back.

"Obviously I'm not, just come back. I'm doing this for your own good," He yelled back.

"The fuck does that mean?" I asked.

"It means that you're gonna get caught and in trouble anyway. Literally just listen to me for once. Come inside or else," He warned. I sighed and waved my friends off as I stepped out of the car and they drove away.

"Thanks a lot," I huffed. I started to make my way back to the house but he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back, spinning me to look at him. Caught me a bit off guard.

I expected him to yell at me or reprimand me for trying to sneak out, so I mentally prepared myself.

"Olivia, I get I'm mean to you a lot or whatever, but I'm really just trying to keep you out of danger. I'm not trying to be your parent like Jackson or Dylan, but I'm trying to look out for you as your older brother," He spoke, calmly and without raising his voice at me.

I sat down on the curb of our yard and he sat next to me.

"You weren't 14 that long ago. Don't you get what it's like to want to go out with your friends and have a little fun?" I asked.

"Of course I do, Liv. I also have learned from my mistakes. I saw those older guys in the car. I don't know what you guys were doing or planning but I know it's so easy for guys like that to take advantage of younger girls like you. Remember, I'm in high school too. I know people who use girls like tissues and brag about who they slept with," He sighed.

"I know you just want to protect me and of course I'm grateful for that but those guys are friends with some of my friends. They aren't harmful," I argued back.

"You don't know that, babykins. From what you just said, it sounds like they aren't even your friends. You can't trust anybody. Of course you can still go out with your friends but you need to make sure you can trust the people you're with and that you're making good decisions. I don't think you were making the best decision tonight," He said.

I sighed in realization.

"I know. I was just angry at Jackson and Dylan for embarrassing me. Did you see what they did to me?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it was pretty funny. We should do that to embarrass you more often," He laughed.

I slapped him in the face and tried to push him over.

"Okay, okay, chill kiddo. I'm sorry they embarrassed you," He genuinely apologized, making me feel a little better.

"Thanks for looking out for me tonight. It's just kind of crazy sometimes to have four massive hawks watching your every move at all times," I laughed.

"That's our job," He shrugged standing up and holding out a hand to help me up. I reached to grab it and he pulled it away, starting to walk away.

"I hate you," I stood up and ran after him, jumping on his back. He barely moved a muscle.

He put me down and we walked back inside. By that time, everyone had pretty much left. The only ones left were Ryan's friends who were with him in his room. Ben had joined Jackson and Dylan in the living room and I reluctantly decided to follow. Dylan smirked as I sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the room.

"Hiiiiii babykinssss," He teased.

I rolled my eyes in disgust.

"Are you still embarrassedddd," Jackson also teased, smirking at Dylan.

"Why do you guys have to be such assholes," I complained.

"Don't cuss," Jackson raised an eyebrow, giving me a warning glance.

"I'm 14 fucking years old. It's time to let me grow up and do what I want," I raised my voice slightly.

"Okay," Dylan said calmly. Jackson nodded.

I raised an eyebrow.


Not the response I expected.

"Wait, really?" I asked.

"Yeah, why not. If you want to be treat like an adult, we will stay out of your way and treat you like one." Dylan agreed.

This seemed too good to be true.

"Remember, be careful what you wish for," Dylan said, getting up from the couch and going upstairs.

Oh great.


Hi guys, sorry for the short chapter and for waiting for so long to update. I actually got my phone taken away because I got in a LOT of trouble with my parents.

Also, I'm pretty upset right now because I got in a huge fight with Dylan (my brother) and he won't talk to me. Comment/message me with any advice because the usual things I do to make him forgive me aren't working.

Anyways, my next chapter will be better. Here's something to hold you over for a while, and hopefully I can update soon.

xoxo, livvy

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