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Luke's pov.

The day had started with rushing around the house to make sure all the bags were packed and that the food was ready to be brought to the boat. Now we're were at the docks, saying goodbye to Ryan and my friends.

I hug Ryan first, ignoring the sad look he sends me.

"We'll he gone for a few days. Don't act like I'm leaving forever." I joke and he rolls his eyes. Ryan couldn't leave as he needs to stay for school. I on the other had, could take vacation days off from work.

"We'll be back in a week or two." My mon states and Ryan sighs, giving her a hug.

"Bye Jackson." Ryan says, talking to our step father. He sends Ryan a wave and continues onto the yacht. I purse my lips and give Ryan another hug before moving onto the others. I give Tyler a hug and then David, moving onto Bryce and Anthony. With a final goodbye I turn and follow the other two into the boat. I sit out on the edge watching my friends and brother as we sail away, waving back when Ryan waves at me.

Then they was to small to see anymore and the seagulls wouldn't come out this far. The land was disappearing quickly and the salty sea air whipped past my face. Times like these were nice, no one around to tell me what to do next or if I'm doing something wrong. It was just me, my mother and Jackson.

Said male was walking around to make sure everything was right but something seemed wrong, off, about him today. I shudder when he glances over at me. I send him a smile but he doesn't return it, instead he goes back to checking over everything.

The boat was heading further and further away from land, the open sea seemed to be quite except for the boats motor and the waves slapping its side.

"Luke! Come help me with the food!" My mother calls. I glance at Jackson one last time as he disappears below deck, it's where we kept the  safety gear and any extra medical supplies.

I head into the main part of the yacht and help my mother move the food around, the stuff that's non-perishable in the cabinets and some drinks into the mini-fridge.

"Bring this stuff downstairs? There's no more space up here." My mother explains and I nod my head, grabbing as many cans as I could before leaving her.

I enter the bottom portion of the yacht, my eyes trailing along the walls and the random stuff down here. I jump when Jackson walks over to me seemingly out of nowhere.

"Where did you come from?" I question, putting the food away.

"Just checking the emergency exit down here." He mumbles before leaving me alone. I look over the stuff we have and I see two different life boats that when deployed would inflate quickly. Along with them there were a bunch of life jackets, blankets and a bunch of bottles of sunscreen and stuff. I shrug my shoulders and turn to leave, kicking something after my first step.

I pull my phone out and turn my flashlight on as I bend down to look at what I kicked. It was a really cool looking compass , it even had a clock on the other side. I slip it into my pocket and walk back up to hear my mom and Jackson already arguing. I roll my eyes and sit down to enjoy the breeze that came off the water.

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