>>Taken Boys

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"Where do the Lost Boys come from?"

He alights on the branch she sitting on.

"They won't tell me."

Blink. "They're lost."

"Peterrrrrr," impatience.

"They don't know or remember."

Silence. "Do you remember?"

Pause... Nod. She waits.

"I bring them back with me."

"'Bring then back'? ... You mean they didn't just show up on the island?"

Head tilt, shrug, "No. I see them, and bring them if they want to come with me."

"You TAKE them from their homes and family!?!?" Outrage.

"I ask them."

"So just because they say yes, you take them!? They can't even remember what they're missing!"

He stares at her. Silence except for her breathing.

He jumps off the branch they are currently perching on, "Let's go flying, Wendy."

"Peter!" The birds startle and fly away.

The Lost Boys fly up from the ground where they were playing.

"Oh, Mother, mother, what's wrong?"

"Don't you miss your parents!?" Insistence and pitying eyes.

"What parents?" Curious gazes.

Even more passionate, "you know, parents, family!?"

Eye blinks, shared confused glances, "why would we miss our family? We're all right here."

A whoosh of irritation and frustration. She jumps to the ground and stomps off.

Peter Pan and his Lost Boys shrug and fly off in the opposite direction.

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