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The 60's, one of my favorite time areas. I brought the rifle up to my face aiming at the crowd of people. I looked through the scope and saw the parade that was taking place.

"Waiting for the arrival of President John F. Kennedy and the crowd yells, and the president of the United State..." I hear the radio next to me play. I look back as notice Five not paying attention. I huff and put the rifle down. He took out his book where he was writing down the equations that we needed to get back home.

"Keep aiming while I figure this out. I just got an idea." I nodded my head and put the rifle back up. We stood behind a fence around some tall trees giving us a good view. I look through the scope once again making sure Mr.Presidednt was not in my range. But deep inside me, I felt this sense of hope. Something I haven't felt since she came along. I look back and still see Five writing intensely on his book.

"Darling?" I asked him once again putting down my rifle and coming up next to him looking at his equations.

"Z, give me your hand," He said, not even giving me a chanced to put the rifle up against the fence. I dropped it and took his now old hands in mine.

My soft hands against his now rough ones. Throughout the 53 years that we were together his hygene and well being beamce less and less of a concern to him unlike me who always took care of myself even through out all those years. And to be honest it showed. From the signs of his clear arthritis and heart problems that began to show up. Then it dawned on me if the commission found out we where breaking contract who knows what they will do. Most likely try to kill us but right now, I didn't care. All I wanted to do was go back home to m family. We closed our eyes and I felt the familiar portal begging to open up. We were using so much power that the sky around us turned dark and lighting could be heard from afar. The power going through us only incurring me. Our bodies began to shake due to the immense power. We both looked into the portal only to see what look like a fire extinguisher go through towards us. We both quickly dodged it and looked back into the portal confused. There stood 5 bodies, looking back at us. I didn't even think twice before I took Fives hand in mine and pushed ourselves through. We let go of each other momentarily so we can use our hands to somehow break through to the other side. I can feel my consciousness break apart with in me causing a massive headache to instantly form. As we push our selves forward in time I could feel pain all over my body causing me to shut my eyes and yell in pain. I heard Five also scream in pain. Then from one second to another, the pain stops. I open my eyes quickly realizing that I can feel my body fall from where ever the hell we went to. Using my levitation powers to quickly stop me from hitting the ground only to stop literally a couple of inches of the ground. I let myself go rather roughly hitting the ground with a thud. I groan in pain rolling over to my back. I saw the thunderstorm above us, quickly faded away. I widen my eyes as I quickly get up to see where we were. I get up and look at the ground of people in front of us.

"Does anyone else see little Number Zero and Five, or is that just me?" I hear what looks like Klaus say.


I look down at my body and see that I am no longer 58-year-old women but instead my 15-year-old self. As I observe my body, it quickly dawns on me.


I look over to my left and see a 15 year old Five also in our old uniforms. His eye looked up at to where I was and he too began to look at me.

"Shit," We both said as we looked at each other before looking back at our older siblings. They stared at us in disbelief. Unsure of what to do or say. I looked at Five and took his hand in mine before storming past them into our familiar home.

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