Ch. 3 Part 2

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Y/n's Pov

"...and then he had the nerve to call me molly fucking ringwald." bev gave an irritant laugh.

she was filling me in on what happened yesterday while i waited for the doctors to give me my blood transfusion.

"in conclusion, bill and richie had a fight." bev informed me.

"that's crazy." i muttered. i was still weak but i was a lot better than i was yesterday. "i'm kinda glad i was passed out."

"actually it was kinda cool. if the fight had happened when we hadn't just came out of some mad house, i would've been cheering them on." bev joked.

"if i was awake, i would've been cheering them on." i laughed.

   "and that right there, girly is why we're friends." bev snickered. i snickered with her until i remembered a secret that richie and i had yet to tell the losers. my smile faded and my eyes drooped, slightly.

   bev noticed my sudden sign of sadness and she too frowned. "what's wrong, y/n?"

   "can i ask you a question?" i asked. she quickly nodded. i remembered my mom saying yesterday before i went to sleep, bev could come with us if we wanted. i felt my face light up.

   "if richie and i were to move to indiana at the end of summer, would you want to come with us?"

   a puzzled expression seemed to strike bev like a lightning bolt. "uh, i would love to but i'm not sure how my dad would feel about that. plus, i'm not sure how richie would feel around me."

   "can you think about it?" i begged.

   "i'll think about it." bev assured me.

   "thanks." i grinned.

   just as i said that, the door flew open and the doctor, a nurse, and richie appeared in the doorway.

   "thanks for staying with her, beverly." the nurse thanked beverly.


   beverly and richie both sat at the chairs next to the hospital bed that i was laid down in. beverly sat at the chair on the right side of the bed and richie sat at the chair on the left side.

   i sighed as the doctor wheeled in a large rack.

(i know nothing about how blood transfusions work so bare with me)

   "so how are you feeling, y/n?" the doctor asked me.

   "a lot better than yesterday." i answered.

   "no dizziness? headaches? sore muscles? anything out of the ordinary?" he asked.

  "i have a headache and i'm dizzy but nowhere near as dizzy as i was yesterday." i explained.

   "it's progress." he smiled.

   the nurse was taking notes on my symptoms as the doctor spoke.

   "ok, i'm gonna need you to relax and take deep breaths." the doctor said as the nurse handed him a bag of blood with your blood type on it.

   i nodded as the doctor hooked the bag up to the rack. "this will take about 3 hours. if theres any problems, contact me immediately." the doctor told the nurse before he left the room.

"ok, beverly and richie i'm gonna need you to leave for this procedure." the nurse said.

"come get us when it's done." richie uttered as him and beverly got up.

"i will."

once beverly and richie left, the nurse grabbed a needle. "this will only pinch a little." she told me.


the nurse carefully inserted the needle into a vein on my wrist. i winced slightly. it didn't hurt too much but it wasn't exactly painless.

i could feel the blood pumping into my body. it felt uncomfortable at first but my body quickly adjusted to the feeling.

Beverly's Pov

"hey richie." i mumbled as richie and i left the room.

richie looked at me and rapidly, looked down at the ground. "hey."

i could tell he was still freaked out about the situation. i couldn't exactly blame him but i wasn't exactly happy about him telling bill that georgie was dead.

"look, i'm sorry about yesterday." i admitted.

"so am i. i was just really scared. i don't understand how bill could literally been holding y/n with how injured she was and still tell us that we're going back." richie exclaimed.

"that was kinda weird." i let a small chuckle escape my lips.

"we good again?" richie asked.

"yeah, yeah we're good."

"ok good 'cause eddie gave me a letter that he wants me to give y/n and the curiosity is killing me." richie laughed.

"you better show me." i laughed too.

"i will, i will. calm your titties, molly."

richie put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a sheet of folded paper. he unfolded the paper to reveal three paragraphs of neat handwriting.


Y/n, 7-4-89

I'm really sorry about today. I don't know what got into me. Well I do but you'd probably laugh at me. I might as well tell you though. I was jealous of Bill. He managed to do something that I've wanted to do for awhile. Kiss you.
I know you like him, more than you'll ever like me anyway. Why am I writing this still? I don't know. I guess maybe it'll be easier to get my feelings out this way.
I hope you understand that how I treated you was all out of jealousy and I don't hate you for your feelings. As long as you don't hate me for the feelings that I have for you. Maybe we can talk about it sometime. Probably not though. I'll stop annoying you. Shit, did I actually just write that. Fuck it, I've been trying to write you a letter for a fucking hour.



"that's such an awkward way to confess your feelings." i laughed.

"yeah. he told me that it was just an apology letter." richie said which caused us both to laugh even harder.

once we stopped laughing, richie looked at me. we locked eyes and completely stopped walking.

i gazed into his chocolate brown eyes and i fell into them. i didn't understand what was so good about richie before but now i could see.

he had light freckles splattered along his cheeks like little stars. his hair fell over his glasses and eyes perfectly and his lips were luscious and the perfect shade of pink.

my heart picked up its pace and butterflies began to soar into my stomach.

what is this that i feel?

yes, im a bichie stan, deal with it😂

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