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June 30, 2018

"Watch big, coulda bought a Range Rover, Chain little, but I spent some change on it, Nigga mad, I'ma put the gang on him, They'll die 'bout me, they'll bang on him, And that ass poke out, lil frame on him, Pussy so good he got my name on him...."

Hassan entered the studio and heard one of his artist's rapping. Caresha Brownlee, also known as Yung Miami from the rap duo City Girls, was in the booth while her best friend and other half of the City Girls, Jatavia Johnson who was also known as JT, wrote a couples verses down.

"Hey baby daddy!" Cardi yelled at Hassan as she did a little dance which made Hassan laugh.

"Wassup Cardi. So, what's the process so far?" Hassan asked P once he sat next to Cardi who was sitting on the table.

"Ga'damn people eat right there!" P exclaimed as he shook his head at her. She shrugged as she wrote a few verses in her notebook.

"JT almost done wit' her verse. Now we gotta put her in the studio and start recording all of her tracks." P finally replied as he turned down the volume so he wouldn't hear Caresha.

"And you'll be done by July 2nd?"

"Yeah. JT was in here late last night workin' on music wit' Siris."

"I told y'all I'm ready for this shit. P told me he want an album. Boom, we got an album. I don't give a fuck about goin' ta' jail. I want everybody to know who the fuck JT is." She said as tears welled in her eyes. JT was set to turn herself in a few days from now and it had everybody on edge.

Since she was going to be doing two years in a federal prison, she wanted to keep making music until it was time for her to go. She was in the studio non-stop, had video shoots everyday and photoshoots. It was taking a toll on her but she didn't care. Rapping was something she dreamed of doing for a long time.

"We got another shoot tomorrow for Blow A Bag wit' Baby then we gotta finish this album." Hassan told them before JT nodded her head. "How many songs y'all got left?"

"Four. After this song it'll be three. I got everything done on my end I'm just waitin' on Miami to finish." JT told him. Hassan admired her hustle. The pressure of being locked away from the outside world for two years pushed her to make music. She didn't want to give up on her fans or on the people who gave them a record deal.

Harley walked out of the building her class was held in and smiled when she saw Hassan leaning on his truck waiting on her

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Harley walked out of the building her class was held in and smiled when she saw Hassan leaning on his truck waiting on her.

"How was school?" He asked once she approached him. He pulled her in for a tight hug and kissed her cheek.

"Boring. My teacher talks way too much. I'm so ready to graduate." She laughed as he planted her favorite drink in her hands, Strawberry Calypso.

"You already did your paperwork for graduation?"

"Yes. August Twenty-First at one o' clock. I'm so excited." She smiled as he opened the door for her. She climbed in and placed her seatbelt across her chest. She couldn't wait to graduate. She was ready to start working full-time at TechCru.

"You know I'm there." He said once he got in the car.

"I know. It's you, my mom, my brother, Megan, and my grandparents. Speaking of my mom, she's disappointed that you didn't show up at the house for dinner."

"I know. I was-"

"Busy. I know." She finished his sentence as he sped down the street. He felt bad about bailing on Harley and her mother. That wasn't his intention. He was just too busy working with his artists.

"What about next Tuesday then? I'll be out of town this weekend."

"Where are you going?"

"One of my artists gotta turn themselves in. But I'll be back Monday."

"Well, I'll ask her about Tuesday. Can we get something to eat though? I'm starving."


As they sat in Texas Roadhouse, Harley couldn't help but stare at Hassan. He had a fresh haircut and the Egyptian Musk smelled good on him.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" He laughed once he looked up at her.

"I don't wanna be that person but, my friend Megan is an upcoming rapper-"


"I know, I know. But she's talented Hassan." She said before placing the chicken tender in her mouth. She felt embarrassed even telling him about Megan but Megan was talented and she wanted to get her best friend's name out there.

"So what you want me to do?" He asked her.

"I want you to listen to her music. Her Soundcloud name is MeganTheeStallion. Listen to at least one song for me." She poked out her bottom lip which made Hassan laugh.

"Alright I will when I get home. If she's terrible imma let you know."

"I know you will." She laughed as his phone rang. He looked down at it and noticed that it was Julianna calling him. He quickly pressed ignore while shaking his head. He thought she would've gotten a hint when she realized he didn't come to her studio sessions anymore and he posted Harley on his Instagram page.

"You okay over there?" Harley joked once she noticed that he kept declining his calls.

"Yeah I'm good." He mumbled as he cut into his Porterhouse steak.

"Just answer it. They're not gonna stop calling." She told him as she cut into her six ounce steak. Hassan sighed before walking away from their table. He entered the Men's restroom and slid his finger across the Answer button.

"What Julianna?" He questioned as he leaned on the wall.

"Who the fuck is Harley?" She yelled into the phone.

"That's why you callin' me? Don't call me unless it's about business." He told her before hanging up. Their personal relationship was done and she needed to understand that.

"Everything okay?" Harley asked once he sat back down.

"Yeah. It was my Pops calling." He lied before she went started telling him about her day at school. She had to be at work soon and she really didn't wanna go. She was exhausted.




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