A Year Of Living Stupidly

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Not Your Father's Memoir

(Not That I Know Of)

Welcome and thank you for reading A Year Of Living Stupidly!

AYOLS started life as life. Events. Memories. Music. Inspirations. Victories. Defeats. Love. Sex. Heartbreak. 

The format of this tale evolved over the years—campfire stories jotted down in a diary which morphed into a blog that inspired a television series. And now this.

Be advised, I use mature words to describe mature situations. The language is vulgar, tender, oblivious, and introspective. You can laugh or cry. When in doubt, I suggest laughing.

I can't wait to read your comments and will do my best to answer all questions. Please -  if you are reading from a Facebook link, consider signing up for the free Wattpad account and vote for the chapters. It will help me attract new readers and will earn you my undying gratitude.


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