jannu and nidhi's turn

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vishu: do..do you love jannat?

fais: no! obviously as a bestfriend, as my sister, as my saviour always but not romantically!

rosh: hash! (relaxed)

vaish: wait! rosho tune 'hash' kyun bola?!

nidhi: han achanak se tere chehre per itni relaxation kese agayi!

vishal: jese kisi boht badi tension se relieve mila ho!

reem: jese tu na chahti ho that fais and janu ka kuch waisa scene ho

tunu: rosh kya chal raha hai.....

bhavya: kahien tu...... fais ko....

reem: pasand!

abhi: tu usse pasand karti hai?!

fais: kya keh rahe ho tum sab?!

rosh: exactly! kya keh rahe ho. maine to 'hash' isiliyay bola that jannu meri itni achi friend hai main nahi chahti thien na ke is alarm clock ko date kare.

sallu: oh wesay!!!

rosh: han wesay

sumu: wesay rosh itna bhi bura nahi hai fais jitna tu kehti hai!

jannat: han yr mere bechara bestfriend ne tera dare tak poora kardiya😂

fais: woh sab to theek hai but vishal tu mujhse aise kyun pooch raha tha, itne nervously like you are scared of my answer, like you want my to say no or something.....

(janu suddenly looks at vishal and both of them have an awkward eye contact but vishaal looks away quickly)

vishu: n...nahi.... aisi ..baat nahi hai....

sid: fir kesi baat hai?

vishu: main....main nervouse...... han! main nervous isiliye tha ke kahien faisal mind na karle... thats it... han thats it....

fais: oh main kyun karoun ga, this game is to know each other only.

(janu still had confused expressions like she didnt buy vishaals excuse)

rosh: karlo sab usse defend! ab yeh chodo. next turn is... jannat.

abhi: okay main pehle. so jannat tu faisal ki feelings reciprocate karti hai ya you feel differently.... as in you know....

jannu: han obv! woh mere bhai and bhai se jyada bestfriend jesa hai!

reem: mera sawal hai ke tum dono milay kesay?

jannu: ahhh ill never forget! to hum dono same school main the and we both had the same car. i mean exact same model and color. and tab hum dono ki koi baat nahi thi. so ek din after off my driver came to pick me from school and main car main bethi hi thien and we were about to leave, but yeh meri car main beth gaya!

fais: arey i was a kid!!!

jannu: and not only that jab i said ke tum kon ho yeh meri car hai he started fighting with me that yeh uski car hai! and i even showed him that mera driver hai samnay but he said that mera driver and main dono chor hain and we are stealing his car!

nidhi: arey to number plate dekh lete!

faisu: i was in second grade and yeh first main! do you think ke us waqt hum yeh sochtay

nidhi: point! then?

jannu: then he kept fighting with me till his driver came! half an hour he fought with me in my car and his driver got so worried that yeh kahan gaya! and even then he kept insisting apne driver se that yeh car hamari hai. and phir his driver had to bring their car there and usko dekh ker phir yeh gaya!

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