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Damon woke up by a knock on the door. It seemed that whoever was behind it wasn't really patient. He looked at the clock. It said 4:32 AM. He groaned and got up, making his way to the door. The person who was knocking had stopped when Damon was halfway to the door. He was relieved and thought whoever was knocking left and he can go back to sleep. He turned his back and was just about making his way upstairs when he heard a cry. He vamp sped to the door and opened it immediately. He looked around and didn't saw anything. The cry, he heard it again. He looked down to see a little baby crying. She was only wrapped by a pink blanket so he assumed it was a girl. He took her in his arms.

"Hey there. Little one. Where are your parents?"

The baby's cry stopped as soon as she heard his gentle and soft voice.
He brought her in and laid her down to the sofa. Than he saw something from inside the blanket. It was a letter. He took it and opened it.

"Dear Damon,
We haven't seen each other before. You must be really confused right now. Wondering about who I am or about the baby. I'm Sofia and I'm year little half sister. You don't know me. You "died" before I was born. I, too was turned to a vampire when I was 17. But something happened to me and I wasn't just a normal vampire. I also had magic. I was a witch as well. A hybrid. It turned out my mother was a very powerful witch and that's why I didn't lose my powers after I turn. She did a spell to me when I was transitioning into a vampire. That cost her, her life.
Being half witch gave me the chance to create a family. I met someone 7 months ago and we had a one night stand. After that he wanted more, but I refused, knowing who he was. It was dangerous. I pushed him away as much as I could and when I found out I was pregnant I flew away. I hid until the baby was born. He got furious and came searching for me. There were times when he got too close, but I managed to escape. I can not do this forever so I have to give up my baby girl so she can have a better life than running. The man has sent people to catch me. I don't know their faces so I am afraid to go out. That's why I'm gonna send someone to bring the baby to you. Please protect her Damon. I am afraid that my days are counting and it won't be long till he finds me.
I wish I knew you or Stefan better, but all I know from you are stories. The stories of the Salvatore brothers.
If you don't believe me you can do a DNA test with the baby and by the way her name is Sky. Short for Skyler. I wanted her name to have a beautiful meaning. I want her to know that my love for her is endless, just like the sky. She was born today.
Even though I couldn't hold her for more, I want her to know that I loved her. Tell her I died giving birth to her. She doesn't deserve to be angry or maybe one day to seek revenge. She is her father's daughter after all. I'm afraid she is gonna have a bad temper and she is gonna be a little bossy, but I know also that she is gonna be sweet and caring just like her mother.
Please Damon. You're my last chance. I can only trust you and Stefan, but him, I couldn't find. I want Sky to be raised by a family member than strangers. I give you my word that I am not lying. I am your younger step sister.

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