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On the way to the East Bord complex, she asked me the basic questions people ask when they want to know a person, like "what's your name?", "Where are you from" and "how old are you?And the list went on.

I also got to know a lot about her. She was 31 years old, including her years spent down here in hell. Her name was Nicole Bonney, and she's from Germany. she was actually pretty nice. Despite the fact that she had drowned her children before ending up down here. But she apparently did it in a fit a rage when she found out her husband had been unfaithful to her. And then killed herself when she finally snapped out of it. Her regret was pretty clear in her voice.

When we arrived, she brought me to the front desk and asked the receptionist if they had any free rooms left, which they luckily did. Hurry for us! She did ask me if I wanted her to pay me in, but I already had enough money to afford it, so I politely declined her offer.
The receptionist threw the key at me when I handed over the money, and it landed on my palm. I held it up and looked at the tag, it was the key to room number 21, on the second floor.
When we got there, we saw a room that was as pleasant as a dumpster. There were cobwebs in everywhere, dust, trashon the floor, And some of the furniture was broken. On top of that, the food pantry was completely empty, with an exception of the fat rat eating a biscuit. Thankfully though, I found out that there was a cleaning closet, filled with everything we need to fix up this place. It had clean sheets, extra cushions, blankets, carpets, a broom, a mop and a small bucket with two eyes drawn on it.

We had to move the furniture around to get to certain places while cleaning, and I'm so grateful that she decided to stay around to help, my arms were basically as weak as twigs right now, and my hands would sometimes just faze right through.
After hours of work, we made the place look... presentable. There was still a lot of stuff we have to do here, but it would require us to leave apartment and buy stuff. Like new wallpapers, everyday items, clothes, and food. I was also planning to get some stuff for practicing witchcraft. But...
would a cauldron fit in here?
Probably not.
Me and Nicole sat down by the table when we were all done, taking a breather after hours of work.
We talked a bit more about our past lives. She let it slip that she has never met such a young little demon in hell before, or any demon as friendly as me. As flattering as it was to hear that, I just joked with it and said "Well I am down here for a reason, aren't I".
She told me that one of the main ways to survive around here was to make a reputation for yourself. Although, it also acts a bit like a two-edged sword; yes, you won't be bothered by low life demons, BUT; stronger demons will try to hunt you down. As of right now, there were many dominant tridents scattered all over the hell, ruling over their own territories. If you ever dared get to their level, you must be begging for death.

Nicole offered to let me work at the library, as they were pretty low on staff. Her being the second demon working there. She apparently only took the day shifts, while some weird looking demon, named Percy, took the night shifts. I was warned to be wary around him, as he's more violent and aggressive towards others.
She did put me through a small interview in my apartment, asking about my skills and such. And from the results, she put me in charge of restocking and cleaning at the library. So a janitor in harsher words. But it paid good money, so I wasn't complaining.

When we were all done with our little chit chat, she said she needed to get home before the really shady hours of the night starts. She tried to give me hug before she left, but her arms went straight through my back. We both just let out a small chuckle at it, before she let go of me again. She walked out the door, getting out to the main hallway. But before she was gone, I thanked her for her help, and she smiled widely before waving goodbye to me.

After closing and locking the door, I walked back to the table and slumped down on my seat.
My attention wandered around the room, not really knowing what to do, until it settled on the small red clock, hanging on the wall. The ticking continued as normal, as its little, bent arrows showed that the time was currently 2:37 in the morning.
When did I get here then? It feels like I've been down here for at least 5 hours.
Maybe more, maybe less.
Anyhow, it's only been a few hours since I manifested down here in hell, yet so much has happened already.
Heh, it's kinda funny to think that the priests were this wrong about what hell was.
There wasn't any 'hellfire' down here, or people being tortured, or screams of other sinners, and so on. It's so much calmer down here, compared to what they said every Sunday.
That didn't mean this place was any safer though, the souls of dangerous wrongdoers were everywhere, in forms of demons. Including myself.
I manifested down here because I practiced witchcraft. Isn't that lovely?
Anyway, I'll probably fit right in. I mean, I literally killed a demon on my first day here. And oddly enough, I feel no guilt or remorse for what I did.
Maybe coming down here did something to my moral compass?
Perhaps, but that is a puzzle for another day.
Dusting myself off, I got up from my chair and made my way to the bedroom.
I took off my dirtied clothing, having small splatters of blood near the left shoulder of the dress shirt, and other wet spots on the backside from sitting on the ground. I didn't really want to go out and get water at this hour, so I guess I'll have to wear dirty clothes tomorrow too. Yay.

Letting out a soft yawn, I snuggled up into the fluffy blankets of the bed. It only took a few seconds before my eyes were closed, and fast asleep.

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