𝓝𝓮𝔀 𝓗𝓸𝓶𝓮

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-[(Y/N) POV]-

Wandering the streets, I searched for the library. Because if there were any place in hell where you could find information, it would be there. Of course, I didn't know whether or not hell had a library or not.
But thankfully for me, there was. And it wasn't that far away from where I woke up.
I wouldn't have guessed it by just looking at the front of it because the building was so rundown, but the big sign on the front - that said 'library'- was a pretty helpful tip.
The inside was perfectly untouched. Maybe demons were scared of this place or something. The library was pretty huge, too. On the first floor, there were probably over a thousand shelves. And the second floor didn't seem to have a top... it just continued upwards like an endless void. The shelves reaching upwards as well, presumably trying to catch up with the roof. There were probably millions of books in this place!

I switched my attention from the second floor to the desk in the middle of the room. A slender, but elegant, owl demon was sitting at the desk, reading a book called 'The Sorrows Of Young Werther' by Paperback.
I silently walked up to her desk and tapped on the table to gain her attention. She looked startled by me first, but when she realized I wouldn't attack her, she calmed down. I asked the librarian for any books on the history of hell, and she pointed to the row of shelves to her left "On shelf 221, section H, dear. If you have any other questions, don't be shy to ask." She answered with a smile, before turning her attention back to her book.

Following her instructions, I walked into the maze-like library to search for shelf 221.

When I finally found it, I picked up a bunch of books from the H section and made my way towards the sitting area. I dropped the books on the side table, and slumped onto the sofa. Preparing myself to gain as much knowledge as I could, I picked up my first book and got to work.

-𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕊𝕜𝕚𝕡-

After a while of reading, I found out that hell was suffering from a minor overpopulation problem, and as a solution to this, they have annual extermination that would swipe through the city, killing any unlucky demons who happen to be wandering the streets at that hour. And apparently, these exterminators looked a lot like angels, too.

I also learned a little about the ruler of hell. Like the fact that he is currently married to a woman named Lilith. And that his last name is apparently Magne.
Yeah... There isn't that much on him. Other then the picture of him and his wife, I'd say they make a pretty cute couple.

After a while of going through books about life in hell. I became disassociated from time. Hours passed in what felt like seconds as I devoured one book after another.

From a demon biology book I found out that I belong in a class of smoke demons. The demons under this category had one of these things in common; they had either used fire to do their dirty work or found their end by it. Another thing was that your demon is reflected from how you lived in the mortal realm. So... Does that mean I can be like an actual witch? With magic and stuff?
I put the book down on the sofa and looked down at my hands, trying to remember an old fire casting spell I read in a book once. After a minute of nothing happening, I thought about just giving up, I saw a small glint of light appear on my palm.
Surely not...
Suddenly, a burst of fire flared from my hands, and I threw myself back in hopes of not burning my face. The fire disappeared shortly after, leaving me to stare in confusion. I just made fire come out of my hands,WHAT!
I stayed baffled for a moment before regaining my composure. So I am apparently capable of performing actual magic down here, well, with the right spell, that is. There must be something on this, somewhere in the library.

Picking myself up again, I wandered the maze again in search of books on magic.

But my search had to be cut short for the day, as the lady told me that they were closing. I thanked the lady for informing me and made my way back to the entrance. The owl lady followed me out, locking the doors behind her, and turned to look at me. "It's not common for someone to visit the library nowadays, so what brings you here young lady?" She asked, looking down at me with curious eyes.
"Oh, well you see, miss. I just arrived in hell a few hours ago, and I thought the best course of action was to gather information." I explained calmly. She seemed a little shocked by my answer, as her eyes widened a little, before going back to normal. "Admirable, if you're in need of a place to stay, there's a cheap apartment complex not too far from here." She offered, I nodded along and asked her to continue. "Okay, go down this street, into the left alley, go to the right, and two blocks up and then you'll reach the East bord complex. Here, I'll walk you there." She smiled and tried to grab ahold of my hand, but just like the other times, her hand went straight through me. She looked a little confused, but I was quick to answer her silent question.
"O-oh my apologies, madam. I do not have any control over that." I let out an awkward chuckle at the end of it, wishing that I could explain it better.
But she simply shrugged and gestured for me to follow her.

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