Sweet dreams are made of screams

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Note: even I have no clue what's going on in this chapter.

He never had nightmares before.
Asriel never wanted to see what he was seeing now. All of the humans, his step-siblings, were profusely spewing out blood from various places. Chara's wounds were centered on the back, spreading as far up as as the shoulders and neck and as far down as the tights. Alex was completely lacking skin, looking the worst out of the five. Cameron looked pretty much like Chara, but blood was pouring out of his chest, arms and legs as well, his left leg was absent. Mike had a bleeding gash in his head, which Asriel, had he watched Pet Sematary, could compare to Victor Pascov's. Ryan had blood coming out of his upper chest and throat, and slightly dripping from his open mouth.
Of course the logic of Asriel's dreams required him to come closer and check on them. In response, Mike reached out his hands.

-Help me...-

He whispered, falling down to his knees as he stumbled upon Asriel. The terrified Prince took back.

-Guys, what's wrong with you?! What happened?!-

Asriel asked, looking worriedly at them. Just then, all five jumped at him.
Asriel woke up with a gasp. He was shaking with every part of the body that could physically shake. It took him a good minute to realize that it was just a nightmare. He turned his head to look at his step-siblings, but instead saw a black figure standing in the middle of the room. Ten seconds and it was gone, and Asriel got out of bed.


He called when he realized that all were awake.

-Shut up for now!-

He heard Cameron hissing at him. When the Prince's eyes adjusted to the dim light of the nightlights and all his senses were back to normal, he realized what was happening- Mike was having a panic attack, and Cameron was trying to help him calm down. Probably Asriel's voice made Mike's condition worsen, since he saw his hands stiffening and his back arching.

-Mike, look at me. Do you hear me? Look at me.-

Cameron was speaking calmly, rubbing Mike's hair. Mike was gasping and tears were running out of the green eyes. It looked like he was suffocating.

-I will call mom!-

Asriel decided, about to leave the room, but Mike's hysterical voice stopped him:

-N-n-.... NO! plea... Pl... Plea... Please!-

He squeezed out of himself.

-Calm down Mike, lie down, everything is okay. He isn't going to call anyone if you don't want to.-

Cameron kept soothing him. Alex and Chara were standing aside, worryingly watching the happening. Chara's face clearly said that she had no idea what she was supposed to do, what was happening or why was she awake in general, while Alex had a face of a controller.

-Will he be okay? Does he need a medicine?-

Asriel kept asking, since he never participated in helping Mike during panic attacks.

-No, no. I can handle it.-

Cameron said seriously and kept talking to Mike calmly and slowly. It took at least ten long, unnerving minutes before Mike began to control his breathing, his hands slowly relaxed and he dropped down to his pillow.


He groaned, closing his eyes and blinking the tears off. Cameron was rubbing his shoulder to calm him down, and it visibly worked.

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