For the love of my heart

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"What is Blisses?" Raven asked.

"Last Spirits on Alpha," Az replied. "Rave, Jer has black hair."

This means what? Raven thought, and something vibrated very close to them.

"Hey, brother," Jer said as he answered his cell. "I'm good. Walk out the door."

"Elijah? Does he look like you, too?" Az asked.

"He does. What did you mean about my hair?"

"The man playing you in the war has brown hair and is an Elemental. So is Elijah," Az said. "Scot didn't come because he's already here. If he's as blind as Raven, he can't answer the summons. The majick thinks Raven is War."

Ty pushed Raven and Cyan pulled him closer. The green didn't light the black, but he knew they'd moved him. Raven also knew that if their enemy assumed that Scot was Justice, there was only one place his brother could be.

His stomach protested on the landing as if it had waited a second before joining his body again. Raven stumbled and Cy caught him before he fell.

"Cypress? You brought us to Cypress?" Cy yelled and Ty backed away from them.

"Don't eat Ty, now. He's been looking after me," Raven murmured.

"I'm sorry. This is Lucah's house." Cy sighed.

"No, it belongs to my lord Justice," Ty said.

"Mom said not to come here, Ty," Cy argued and Raven wandered away from them. He needed five minutes to process and they would stay on the merry-go-round to nowhere forever. The information overload didn't help his head at all and the colors were in no shape to process. One small feeding in his morning coffee didn't change anything.

No consummation and he hadn't killed the Lion who'd challenged him. Last Spirits had aligned with Time in The Veil, and the Lion hadn't come to die. Killing him would have meant ushering him prematurely through Death's Door.

On any other plane, challenging someone for a mate was acceptable. In The Veil, Justice couldn't claim Cy that way.

Raven found the front door and started through it, but Ty landed in front of him.

"My lord, you can't just go."

"One good reason why I can't?" Raven arched a brow and folded his arms over his chest. "You knew Scot was in The Veil. So, either he's hiding from me or he's hiding from you. Which is it?"

"He's hiding from me." Ty sighed. "Gi set it all up with Lucah to have you and Scot. She thinks you are Order. My brothers and I created two more of you to be what she wanted. That worked perfectly until you decided to free Cyan from Wynter House yourself."

"I see. That's how I ended up more than six feet deep and clawing my way out of the ground." Raven thought about it as he paced. "I changed your plans."

"Yes. My lord Cyan grew up here in The Veil instead of meeting you. It does seem that nothing can separate you." Ty smiled.

"What else did I mess up?" Raven asked.

"Nothing. You saved Elijah's mate, and others, in a bar fight that shouldn't have happened. Last Spirits is what it was designed to be. We are still waiting on my lord, Connor."

"Why?" Raven asked and Ty held out a crumpled scrap of parchment.

"My brother found this after the destruction of Juniper's Folly."

Raven took it and frowned as he read the lines.

'Blood for blood

An Eye for an Eye

Bone of my kin

For the love of my heart

With Time on my side

And the Assassin's Blade

I bind me to him

The Light in The Dark

Flesh to Essence

Essence to majick

Ashes to ashes

And the world falls apart.'

Blood for blood meant the spell caster used his family to bind it all into place. An Eye for an Eye, meant that he'd killed them to do it. Bone of my kin. He'd ashed them. For the love of my heart. That line was trickier, but it did tell him that whoever Ty thought the enemy was? Wasn't.

"Ty, who cast this?"

"My lord, Lucah."

"Nope. Never met him." Raven shook his head.

"Are you positive?" Ty challenged and Raven scented the parchment. He sorted through every hand that had touched it until it reached his. The first scent was — blackberries and brandy.

The colors banded together in his head and thrust him into a moment of time.

Raven was in the field above his dungeon, raising the fourth side of framework for a wall. The sound of metal on metal vibrated the ground beneath his feet and he took off running towards the road.

The scent of blackberries and brandy blanketed the air as one car laid upside down in the ditch and another had slammed into a light pole. The heartbeats for 'Blackberries and brandy' had slowed to almost nothing, and Raven ran to that vehicle first.

The sightless eyes of one Nicholas Felins stared back at him and the memories slammed against his temples.

Feline French flowed from Raven's lips, the air charged with each syllable, as he placed Nick's head back onto the man's neck. 

"Idiot!" Raven yelled, backhanding Jeremy with a clawed hand when he got too close. Jeremy slammed into his car again, denting in the door from the force of the blow. The metal molded around him, trapping him while Raven put Nick back in his Vessel.

Jeremy had red-brown hair and did not possess Panther in any part of him. His so-called brother also had a Human passenger, that looked a lot like Syra. It all made sense, though. That pivotal moment introduced Lucah to Raven and Raven had become the man's savior. Nick didn't die and someone wanted Nick dead. That someone didn't know who Nick and Lucah were before the accident.

Gi made Lucah for all intents and purposes. The Source wouldn't have born a Human. A Human in the Vessel meant for a god? Made Lucah powerful enough to carry out their plans and too innocent to argue.

'For the love of my heart'.

Scot had been mated to Nick.  In the pivotal moment Raven saved Nick from dying, he'd somehow swapped Nick and Lucah. That didn't make sense, either. The line, 'The Light in The Dark', referred to Raven. Then again, it depended on how the wielder interpreted the line. If Nick resided in Lucah's Vessel, then Nick interpreted it as becoming Scot's Light — his raison d'être.

"You are mated to my lord, Scot. That could not be changed," Ty whispered. "The spell Lucah cast made you enemies."

"That still doesn't explain why everyone thinks I'm War, Ty." Raven shook his head.

"It does if Lucah used my blood to bind the spell," Cy murmured and Raven turned to look at him. "I was meant for you."

"Then where did Nick go?" Raven arched a brow.

"He's dead."

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