For the love of my heart

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There were six additional people in his dungeon. Six, and he wished four of them would go away.

Raven stepped into a darkened space and watched them as Cyan squeezed between him and the wall. Jer found Raven's tequila behind the bar and set up shot glasses. Collin wracked the balls on the pool table and Adam chose cue sticks. Xander sat on the bar watching Jer with utter adoration as the other three discussed how to take over. Ty stood by the landing pad wearing a look of helplessness.

"Adam and I'll tend bar," Collin said as he spun the eight-ball in the triangle.

"I'll find out what dad wanted Rave to do." Jer nodded. "He's a boy, Collin. Shouldn't be in a bar. Who was the cub that came to check on him?"

"Why are you here?" Ty asked, finding his voice after the four drank the shots Jer had poured.

"You summoned us, Tiny." Jer arched a brow and Raven rubbed his forehead as Az stepped in front of him.

"This is a nice place," Adam said, looking around. "Raven always gets the good stuff."

"Who are you?" Ty tried again and Jer laughed.

"I'm Jeremy, Toad. You summoned a brother and ended up with me."

"Rave's my best friend," Collin added. "I don't go anywhere without Adam."

Strains of Metallica's One, played on Raven's favorite Stratocaster drifted from the music studio and Raven cringed.

"Holy hell! This is custom, Collin!" Adam yelled.

"Now, would he really want you touching that?" Collin asked and Adam laughed.

Ty pushed Az into Raven and all four of them backed into the bedroom alcove.

I am so very sorry, my lord, Ty thought as he wrung his hands.

"Why did dad send a boy to tend bar in Last Spirits?" Jer asked and Raven pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Honey, that boy is older than you are," Xander murmured, joining the conversation. "Tristan is a boy and Raven's son."

"Raven is the real one, then?" Collin asked.

"There is only one Justice," Xander answered.

"Then who was mated at the ceremony we left to get here?" Adam asked.

"Not Justice or War." Xander seemed to know more than the rest of them and Raven wanted to know what the Lion knew.

"We're brothers?" Collin asked.

"Yes, we are Calder's sons. Are they really this slow, Jeremy?"

"Raven? Brother, I'm sorry. I know you're listening to me," Jer called. The man still stood behind the bar based on the direction of his voice.

"Why are his eyes a pale blue if he's really Justice?" Adam asked.

"He needs to feed, Adam," Jer answered. "He probably can't see the way he needs to." Jer's voice grew closer and Az turned around. Ty ended up between Raven and Az. "We were all in Blisses, Rave. You, me, Zee, Adam, and Collin. You mated to Lucah in a ceremony this afternoon on Alpha. Our parents summoned all of us there for the affair."

"I was here," Raven whispered. "I've been here for a while."

"Here's the thing. Scot's got to be here, too, brother. Lucah didn't mate to the right set of you. So someone made another set of you to fool the rest of them."

"That's far enough, Panther," Az murmured.

"The Source's Assassin, Liger, and the son of Famine and The Source. I have to assume that Cyan is Ether and your twin? Something's not right with this," Jer said and Raven agreed with him.

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