Twenty eight

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I was sat in the couch with Isla because she was helping me with my school work. I was working on a collage essay on sports psychology. I had to persuade people to take it and give loads of information.

Andy-"What you two doing?" He walked into the room.

Emily-"Isla is helping me on my essay."

Andy-"What's it about." He sat down next to me now.

Emily-"I have to persuade people to take sports psychology."

Andy-"Maybe I can help?"

Emily-"Yeah, sure."

Andy-"I didn't think sports psychology was your field to help in." He looked at Isla.

Isla-"It's not really, I just liked the persuading but abs thought I could help."

Andy smiled and laughed a little and Isla smiled back. Honestly they would be a super cute couple. For a long time the three of us worked on the paper together until we had to set up Soph's birthday surprise.

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