Twenty seven

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Soph-"Bye!" I shouted from downstairs, I didn't get answer apart from everyone rushing down stairs.

Isla-"Have you got everything you need? Phone, wallet, keys?"

Ella-"I'm sure she'll be fine."

Isla-"I don't know, this is Soph we're talking about."

Soph-"Im right here!" I joked.

Ava-"Have fun! Even though it sucks because it's your birthday."

Emily-"Bit think maybe everyone will be especially nice to her."

Soph-"I hope so."

Jack-"Right. This may be because I'm still half asleep and I'm not getting any thing but, where are you going?"

I laughed and spoke. Soph-"I'm going to work."

Brook-"You work?"

Soph-"Yes Brooklyn, that's how I pay for things." I joked and he just gave me a look.

Mikey-"Well bye, don't die today." We laughed.

Andy-"Have fun Soph!"

Rye-"I'll miss you for like the 8 hours you're going to be gone." He said then pulled me into a hug, which I returned.

I heard some 'awes' but ignored them and left to go to work. I work as a primary school teacher and I teach year 4. Hopefully today will be good.

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