America x Reader

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"Hey!" I shouted as a certain bully whom i hated pushed me into a locker. "What!? Does little miss know it all have something to say to me?!?" He shouted, causing people to look at us. This jerk of an asshole had been bullying me for years, i was a senior now and it started in middle school. It had been long enough. "Ya! I do!" I yelled and he stopped laughing. "All you have done for the past 5 god damn years is pushing me around, beating me, making fun of me, and acting like a complete ass! What the hell did i fucking do to you?!? PLEASE! LET ME KNOW!!!!" I yelled and everyone who wasn't watching us before, was now. "Im sorry come again?" He said sarcastically and stepped towards me. Who gives a shit if he beats me? Humiliates me? I don't have anyone Im trying to impress! "You heard me" i said, venom spitting from my mouth. He took another step forward and help up his curled fist as i braced for impact- "HEY DOUCHEBAG WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE HER ALONE?" Said a sexy American accent, he was the most popular guy in school and my favorite country. The way his blonde hair bounced as he ran over to save the day. "She started it!" Adam (bully) yelled. "LIKE HELL!" I yelled back, please, your going to blame ME? Oh reaaally? Lets see how that goes! Why don't ya? "Just. Leave. Her. Alone." Said Alfred, Adam scanned me and glared at Al, he turned and walked away as i looked up at my savior. "Th-thanks"

I said and started to walk past him. "Hey you!" He yelled after me as I stopped in my tracks. "Ya?" I asked, i felt my cheeks turn a slight pink. "(Name) right?" Ohmygosh he knows my name. "Ya.." I said, trying not to sound weird. "Meet me outside, after school, ok?" He said to me. "Ya-ya!" I said, sounding way too happy. He winked at me and walked the other direction. Did- did he just- wink at me? I walked off to my first class thinking about him. Every class passed with me doodling or daydreaming about Al... FINALLY the last bell rung and I rushed outside to find him. "Hey (name)!" He called from in his car, his very nice car. "Hop in!" He finished as i walked over and opened up the car door. I took a seat and we were off, to somewhere....


"Where are we?" I asked Al, still laughing from his joke. "My house" he said and got out. I went to open my door but he opened it for me from the outside, what a gentleman, he usually wasn't a gentleman at school... "Come on inside" he said, grabbing my hand and leading me to the door. I was definitely blushing at his touch as he led me to the door, still holding my hand. The house was a pretty good sized two story and looked cute from the outside. He let go of my hand to open up the door and once he managed to open it he stepped to the side and motioned for me to go in. I walked into a living room and just kind of stood there as he walked in behind me, shutting and locking the front door. He looked at me and said "be right back" and ran up the stairs. Ya sure, just leave me in your living room thats not uncomfortable at all. He ran back downstairs with something behind him. "Close your eyes.." He said as he walked very, very close to me. I could feel his body heat. I closed my eyes and could hear him move to behind me and felt cold metal against my wrists. Bracelets? I smiled for a second but stopped when i heard the 'click'. "Ca-can i open my eyes?" I asked him, slightly afraid of what was going to happen next. "Sure thing..." He whispered seductively and pushed me back into the wall behind me. Yup, definitely handcuffs. "America what are you doing?" I asked him innocently and trying to force a fake laugh. "Call me Al" he whispered seductively into my ear... I could feel his body heat again. He placed both hands on either wall beside my head. I looked up at a smirking American, a very sexy smirking American. He leaned in and kissed me roughly. I kissed back and leaned into him, i tried to wrap my arms around him but was disappointed by the handcuffs. He moved his arms down to my waist then to my butt and squeezed. I gasped, giving him access to the inside of my mouth. He made sure to lick every nook and cranny of this uncharted area and pushed my butt up so i was in the air. I wrapped my legs around him and he groaned, i had rubbed my thigh against the mountain in his pants. He broke apart from the kiss for a second and looked into my eyes hungrily. I kissed his jaw and worked my way down to kissing his neck as he ran up the stairs to where i presumed his room was. He set me on the bed and took the handcuffs off for just a second and my arms wrapped around the body hanging over me, pulling him down to my mouth. He stayed up though, and soon grabbed my hands again and raised them above my head. I stopped kissing him and looked up, just in time to see him clamp the cuffs and my hands to his bedpost. He smirked down at me when i looked back at him. I was wearing a buttoned shirt so there was no need for them to come off again... He look the first button in his hands as i squirmed under his every touch. "My my... Someone's excited..." He said seductively and unhooked the first button. I shook my head no, teasing him, as i sat up and backed up to the bedpost. "Hm stubborn..." He said and unhooked my second button, allowing my bra to be exposed. I shook my head 'no' again and whispered back "Just because you were nice to me today doesn't mean i have to give it up" he looked down at me and looked at the third button. "" He asked and unhooked my third, fourth, and fifth button with each word. Only one button held my shirt together as i nodded, scared. "Oh (name)... You have so much to learn" he said seductively and unhooked the last button and tore my shirt from my body. It was a thin shirt and wasn't my favorite so i wasn't upset. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra, causing my boobs to pop out of their cage, bouncing freely. He looked at my mounds as the hill in his pants turned to Mount Everest and he took a boob into his mouth. I moaned quietly and he swirled his tongue around my nipple. He took my other breast in his hand and started massaging it. He switched breasts and I started to get wet. "A-America.." I said between moans. He departed his mouth from my breast and brought his face up to my ear, "i said call me Al~" he whispered seductively and took off all his clothes except his boxers. Then he reached for my pants as i stared at his abs and the mountain in his underwear. He unzipped my pants and pulled them down and off my body. My pants were thrown somewhere in the room along with everything else, as he moved his face down to my underwear and i shivered, eager for his touch. He look the bottom of my panties, where it was soaking wet now, and pulled them all the way down to my knees with his teeth. He took them off with his hands after that and they joined my pants on the floor. He put one hand on either side of my naked waist and kneeled his face down to my bundle of nerves. I yelled as he plunged his tongue deep inside me.. He smirked against my cavern and hummed, making his mouth vibrate. I turned into a moaning mess as my climax approached and i screamed "AAAAAAL!" As i came all over his face. He licked his lips and wiped everything else off onto his hands. Al brought his hands up to my handcuffs and unhooked them from the bedpost, holding the cuffs in his hands. He then picked me up and set me down on my stomach, before I sit upright he clipped the handcuffs again. Al reached to my hips and pulled me up and I instinctively moved so that my knees would support me. Al stood up on the bed and walked to the space between my arms and the bedpost. He stood there and pulled his boxers down, exposing his Florida. "Suck it (name), I know you want to" He instructed and I stared at his length. Sticking out my tongue, I did an experimental lick. Al moaned and I smirked before taking him all into my mouth. Al reached his hands down to the back of my head and pushed my mouth down onto him. I bobbed my head as Al gripped his hair and continued to moan and grunt with my movements. "AH (N-NAME)!" Al screamed as he came. I licked up the salty substance and looked up at Al, who was sweating and smirking at me. Damn he was sexy... Al stood up and moved behind me and just as I was about to look back, Al pushed into my butt. "Wha-what are you- ahhh~" I moaned as he pushed himself completely in. Then he pulled out so that only the tip of his Florida touched my hole, then back in again. He continued thrusting as I moaned and he grunted. I could feel the knot in my stomach build up as I started to scream. "A-AL IM IM GOING TO~ AL!" I yelled as I came onto his Florida. Shortly after I felt a warm liquid shoot into my bottom and little bits run down my leg. Al hazily unhooked the handcuffs and plopped down in bed, pulling me to him. "(N-name)?" He asked and I yawned. "Ya?" Al wrapped his arm around my stomach as he whispered. "I have loved you since freshman year, since I first laid my eyes on you. The only reason I didn't do or say anything was because the guys made of me. But I love you more then I hate them, will you be my girlfriend?" Al asked and my eyes widened. The most popular guy in school like me? "Of course Al" I turned so that our fronts were facing each other and kissed him lightly on the lips before resting my head on his chest and bis hands rubbed my back. "I love you too" I whispered to Al as I fell asleep in his arms.

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