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Hi potential reader!!!! *waves excitedly*

Welcome to my book!

Before you continue, I would like to point out some things to you.

1. This book was written for the Open Novella Contest 2019. It became a Round 1 and 2 Qualifier and got an Honorable Mention. But just recently I decided to turn the book from novella to novel.

2. This book is based/inspired on one of the contest prompts. Prompt 8- The Stranger, which basically revolves around these two strangers that keep crossing paths with each other and neither knows why. This is my twist into the prompt. Because let's be honest, social media is the home for stranger encounters! So why not make a story about it. *shrugs*

3. You'll probably get CONFUSED with the Prologue. Here are some tips:

- The story is a mixture of social media script format and traditional narrative. If this is not your thing, then you'll probably won't like it. But if you can bare the transitions, stick with me, you'll love it.

- For Wattpad readers only: I base the Prologue on a writer's community Wattpad has created called the Community. If you've never been there, no worries, read the prologue as any other chat thread. Hopefully, the profile pics will make it easier to follow.

- For Wattpad writers: Read the prologue as you would read a chat in the Wattpad forums. Don't worry, it'll make sense eventually. I even made the profile pics to help in the process. ;)

- Stick with me, trust me, it'll get better!!

- Stick with me, trust me, it'll get better!!

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DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTIONAL. I thought of this story for fun, to think of the 'what if', the one in a million unicorn story. That said, this story was not written to promote or encourage relationships developed through social media. Please be cautious when meeting someone through social media. It is a very evil world the one we live in.

I think that's all for now. Remember to comment and vote!

Thank you and welcome!


Total Word Count: ~ 84.5k

Started (Novella) - 01.28.2019

Finished (Novella) - 03.10.2019

Started (Extended Version/Novel) - 06.21.2019

Finished (Novel) - 07.24.2019

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