Twenty five

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Andy, Isla, Rye and Soph cane back with the dog they said they named Biscuit. We already had the other dog, Eva. As soon as they came back the boys got changed into yellow outfits. They started to film and Robbie vlogged some of it.

After the cover was done Eva had to go to her owner but Biscuit was staying fit today.

Ava-"Nice Cover Guys."

Jack-"Well, thank you very much." He said in a 'posh' accent, I just laughed and sat down on the counter.

Soph-"Off the counter."


Soph-"I'm cooking lunch."

I gave a confused look at her but stayed on the counter.

Ella-"I know, it's revolutionary. Soph is cooking!"

We had lunch and nothing much really happened. The rest of the day was just a chill kind of day.

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