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Tenth chapter!!!

Percy returned the truck the next day. Okay, Artemis returned the truck. Percy slept until late afternoon. "Hey, Clockwork! Wake up and be productive!" Jasmine said, interrupting his dreamless sleep. "Aww you drool that's so cute!" Jasmine said teasingly when she removed his helmet.

Percy's eyes snapped open and he sat up. "Helmet." Percy said, reaching his hand out. Since he was staying with the hunters for the time being, he had to sleep with his breastplate and helmet on. She handed it to him and he stood to his feet.

Looking outside at the setting sun, Percy sighed. "Artemis didn't give me any assignments. That's strange." He mumbled to himself. He stepped outside and saw a couple of the younger campers playing tag.

"Clockwork!" "You've been sleeping for forever!" "Can you be 'it'? Please?" The joyous shouts of the girls reached his ears as he sprang after them, scooping four up and tickling them mercilessly. "Haha! Too slow!" He said as their laughter filled the air. "No, n-no, no, I surrender!" The youngest of them screamed between laughs and the other three agreed. He made a quick but false movement forward, and the girls he hadn't caught fell to the ground in laughter.

Artemis exited her tent then, and Percy turned to her and bowed. "Good afternoon Milady!" The children said in unison, making it sound like they were a choir rather than them saying a greeting. "Good afternoon young ones! If it wouldn't be too much harm, may I borrow Clockwork for a second?" She asked the children. The girls huddled up, thinking about it. "Yeah, you can borrow him Milady!" One of the girls said. Artemis thanked them and Percy followed her as she motioned to him as she walked off.

When Artemis stepped into her tent, Percy froze. Did he want to be pelted with arrows? "Clockwork, you have permission to come in." Artemis called. It also meant, 'Get in here before I turn you into a antelope!' Or something like that.

"You needed me Milady?" Percy asked. Obviously the answer was yes, but for some reason he was obligated to ask. "Yes Clockwork. A problem has risen in our search for demigods." Artemis said, pausing. She really was one for suspense.

"The traffickers has been knocked off our radar. We have no clue on where they could be, or where they will strike next." Artemis told him. Percy sighed. "Do you have past data? We could try to find a pattern." Percy suggested.

"No, my most intelligent hunters have been on it and they found nothing." "With all due respect Milady, I myself would like to take a look at it, to see if I can make sense of it." Percy said. "Are you suggesting that you can find something that my hunters cannot?" Artemis said, narrowing her eyes.

Um... Yes.

"No, Milady, I am only suggesting that I have a look. I'm not confirming that I will find something." Percy said. "Fine, I will allow you to read over the data, but only because there is more at stake here than my pride. But I am doubtful that you will find anything." Artemis said.

"That is very wise of you Milady." Percy said. "Yes it is, isn't it?" Artemis said with a teasing smile. Percy was shocked. Was the manhating goddess... teasing him? No of course not.

"I'll go look over the data. I expect it is being managed in the same place as always?" Percy asked. "Yes, Clockwork. And one question before you go." Artemis said.

"Milady?" "Is the daughter of death, Jasmine Lockhart, planning to join the hunt?" Artemis asked. "No, at least not that I know of. Is that all?" Percy asked. Artemis pursed her lips. "Yes, that is all. You are dismissed." Translation: Get out of here before I turn you into an antelope. Percy nodded his head and walked out of the tent.

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