'Okay fine, maybe I use yours but it's only a little.' And I promise it is. Maybe the size of a dollar and that's all I use for each limb. That's not a lot, right?

'A little? What do you shave?' his brows raise again, widen eyes and a clearly shocked expression on his face. He looked adorable, I wanted to keep poking at his buttons, pissing him off was a cute chore.

'My arms, underarms and legs...why?' my furrowed brows were clear confusion to him, for sure.

'You probably use double, no triple...maybe even fourth the amount I do just for my face and you use a little?' he seemed shocked by my sentence, he couldn't believe it I guess. I really don't use that much. His voice was raised slightly though, clear in its annoyance.

'Yes.' I bluntly say.

'Anna, I lo-' He sighs when his smirk drops and so does his eyes when he cuts off his own sentence. He seemed at a halt. He thought before he had spoken and it showed very well, his mind stopped him from saying something. Confusion filled my mind when I tilt my head, curious from what he stopped himself from saying.

'You what?' I chuckle lightly, looking in his eyes for something that could tell me what he wanted to say.

'I just...would like you to use your own shaving cream. Mines twenty by the bottle so...' he tilts his head, raising his shoulders and clicks his tongue, chuckling afterwards.

'Twenty by the bottle...what? It has gold in it?' I was shocked...twenty by the bloody bottle.

'No.' he chuckles, his chest vibrating with every note he made. 'I just really like it.' he smiles.

'I will admit, you have a really smooth face so, I can't complain.' I shrug my shoulders. Officially giving up and I rub my thumb across his cheek. His hand came to mind, holding mine to his cheek as I continued to caress him.

His eyes drop emotion until they soften at me. 'Well, that answers why you had a really smooth-'

'Uh-uh,' I stop his dirty sentence. 'I use coconut oil for there...' I whisper, watching his mouth drop lightly and his eyes soften a touch more.

'Oh yeah?' he breathed out.

'Yes but if you don't believe me...' I turn my hand, taking his in mine and I place it to my hip gently, slowly dragging his hand lower down my torso while is stare at his lips, biting down on my own.

'...p-please have a shower with me?' he moaned with impatience when I moved his hand inwards of my thigh.

'Mhm.' I hummed, looking at his eyes, how they sparkled now with lust and intimacy in them. The grey tinge just covering the first layer of his green speckles.

I take his hand gently, leading us both to the bathroom door, the shower water was still running and fog had steamed up the mirrors by this point. Harry had rushed to his bedside table, grabbing his protection as he needed.

When I mad my way into the shower, I pulled Harry's sweater from my torso, exposing my skin to the damp air of the bathroom. My skin suddenly risen to goose bumps when Harry's fingertips tickled at my sides bringing my body into his. His lips made their trail down my neck, from my ear to my collar bone.

'You look good with my sweater on but better with it off.' He moans, his hot breath warming up my skin. I chuckle at his corny remark as I turn to face him, my hands running along his neck to hold his body close to mine.

His hands were quick to rub along my waist when he began kissing me, passionately running his soft lips with mine, rummaging his tongue were he could in me. I smile gently against him, gently moaning against his lips as I twirled his small wet hairs from his neck around my fingers.

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