Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Last night could be described in one word but in French. Incroyable. Incredible. Simply and earth-shatteringly incredible. I haven't felt that good in such a long time. To be able to look into Harry as well made it even better. I couldn't ever forget or take that moment back. Harry would always own that moment of ours.

Now that I was thinking about it, it struck me that Adam and Keith never entered my mind once last night. Neither of them had put a stop to our actions last night, I was purely sucked into Harry and the aroma of the night I completely forgot about my past and I was okay with it. I was okay with pushing aside what had happened in my past, to let me live my life intimately now. And it felt great.

I was happy, truly very happy with my love life. I woke up this morning to a naked and warm Harry, still dozed off in a deep sleep and I haven't ever woken up content with life. Until now at least. And now I sat on the laptop, legs perched up on the computer desk, in Harry's oversized sweater from last night laid on my torso. I swung in the chair chewing on the end of a pen.

The faint running water from Harry's shower echoed in the background, giving myself peace in my mind while I think warmly to myself. I suddenly heard the shower door open and shuffling before Harry's dripping wet body emerged from the bathroom door, a towel wrapped around him still.

He leans his hand to the door frame and he clicks his teeth. 'Hey, sweetheart.' He mumbles, a hint of annoyance in his voice. I drop my legs to the ground and spin my chair to face him directly.


'By any chance...' he gestures his hands, furrowed brows and a smirk just appearing on his face. '...when you shower do you use my shaving gel?'

Uh oh.

'No.' I try my best of my lack of acting skills to lie. I didn't mean to use it, I just use it when I forget to take mine and that's more than once...twice.

'Well, how come when I go to use it seems lighter than when I used it last?' he raises his brow, his hand gesturing off the door frame. His hips jerked slightly when his other hand rested on his hip.

'Uh...because you used it last?' I question back, trying as hard as humanly possible to past this test. I always figured he would never figure out I use the gel. How concentred does one have to be to notice a bit of gel missing from an aluminium tube?

'Okay, I'm no scientist but there is a see-through line at the back of the bottle that shows me where the gel is up to, and every time I go to use my shaving cream it's much lower than when I used it you know anything about that?' he smirks, putting me in a corner and he knows damn well he had won this argument.


'So you're telling me that you don't use my shaving cream?' the smirk plastered on his face made me weaken. I gave up, not trying to hide the truth any longer then I should be.

'...sharing is caring.' I whimper under my breath. I shouldn't be lying but neither did I want to admit to stealing some shaving gel.

'No. no Anna.' He quickly mumbles, leaning off the doorway and cutting the air with his hands while shaking his head.

'But Harry-' I try to make up for it, give a good excuse as to why I steal from his precious shaving gel.

'No. If I go into your red bag now, where all your skincare is, you're saying I won't find you're shaving cream?' My eyes widen at his words and I don't answer him. I had almost a full can of my own, it always just slips my mind to take it with me when I shower.

Harry's eyes wait impatiently when he huffs and strides over to my red bag that sat across the room. I quickly hop off the chair to guard my bag and raise my hands to him. I could suddenly feel the warmth from the water radiate from his upper torso.

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