Fnaf Au

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Fnaf Au

Warning: Fluff

Requested by: RaposaAraposa

This might become my favourite oneshot that I created, since I love both Fnaf and Eddsworld. Also sorry for not updating, I was lacking motivation! (I still am honestly, but I'll update because I can!)

Also, who the characters are:

Withered Freddy: Edd

Withered Bonnie: Paul

Withered Chica: Patrick (Withered Chica was supposed to be Matt, but I change him to Patrick because I think it would suit Matt to be Toy Chica! (Since I personally see Toy Chica as a narcissist))

Withered Foxy: Tord

Toy Freddy: Eduardo

Toy Bonnie: Mark

Toy Chica: Matt

Mangle: Tom

Mangle's other head: Jon

P.S. Tom is the one in control of the body, Jon can only move his head/neck. Tom refers to himself, as 'me' and he refers to Jon as 'Other me' or 'He'.


Edd Gold's pizzeria, where 'family and fun' come to life. Say that to the animatronics who had to entertain the demonic children, the brats that screamed and ran, who even tore Tom apart and somehow made him have to heads.

The day ended, everyone left, it was peace and quiet which was something the animatronics likes. Matt got off the stage and went to Tom's party room. He was upset when he noticed that the brats tore Tom more.

Tom was trying to fix himself, Jon staring at him, feeling more bored than ever. "Hey Tom! You okay?" Matt said as he approached Tom. He sat down next to him and watched his animatronic friend(s) struggle to fix himself. Tom responded with a glitchy voice, "Yeah I'm totally fine with being ripped a part every single second! Of course, I'm not fine you dim-witted animatronic! I utterly hate fixing myself every single damn day!"

Matt put his hands up in defense and muttered under his breath, "Sheesh calm down. Anyways! Where are the bathrooms? I need to see my gorgeous face in the mirror!!" Jon replied as Tom continued to fix himself, "Matt, remember there aren't any bathrooms. You can't see your 'beautiful' face." Matt pouted, but then his face turned to confusion as he asked, "Wait...where do the small humans go poop? Oh, dear me! Don't tell me that they poop on the floor, no wonder why this place stinks!"

"You're literally the dumbest person I know, you freaking loser! We have bathroom stalls outside, but they do not contain a mirror!" Eduardo answered with a harsh voice as he appeared out of the shadows. Matt gasped slightly in surprise then he started to mutter how it wasn't fair that the bathrooms didn't have a mirror in them and how the owners were trying to keep him away from seeing his beautiful face.

Matt and Eduardo left as Tom started to climb around his party room, he partly fix himself, but there were some parts that still needed to be fixed. The two animatronics that where conjoined soon go bored, until Jon came up with a plan, "Hey Tom, why not we go bother the withered animatronics. I mean they're like us, broken and all that."

Tom nodded and started to make his way to the parts and services room. They arrived as Tom made his body swing inside the room unnoticed, he planted himself on a shelf. Jon scanned around as Tom hung from the ceiling. "Nobody is here except for Paul and Tord! Oh, wait never mind Paul just left."

"Well let's get out of here. I utterly hate Tord and I don't want to chatter with him!" Tom said as he started to crawl away, however he hit a can and it fell to the ground, making Tord look at where Tom was hidden.

Tom's P.O.V

'Oh crap!' I thought as I looked at Jon. He looked back at me unamused, motioning me with his head to go out from the hiding spot since we where found. I crawled out as I glared at Tord. "What is a little fox like you doing here alone?" he asked cockily.

I responded, glaring knives at him, "Shut up, unless you want me to suffocate you using my hands!" He burst out laughing. He wiped an imaginary tear as Jon rolled his eyes, he whispered to me, "Lord, he is more annoying than Justin Bieber! No wonder that you hate him!"

I whispered back at him, "Well maybe you should daydream less, so that you could understand why I have different opinions on different animatronics!" Tord stopped laughing after a total of 5 minutes and replied, "You're so stupid! You don't have hands remember, because you're more tangled up than Rapunzel getting tangled up in her hair!"

I growled and remarked back, "Well then, I'll tangle you up in my wires and find a way to suffocated you!" He started snickering again, this time it sounded like an insane person was laughing. He replied to my remark, "We're, you know, robots. Robots can't die so...!"

Without thinking, I lunged at him in fury, Jon looked pissed while I probably looked like an insane murder. He fell down, I fell on him (obviously) as I gritted my teeth. He caught me by surprise when he said, "Aw! You look so cute on top of me! I bet that you would look cuter if you're under me!"

Jon look at him puzzled, while I felt my gears getting hotter. Suddenly Tord flipped me, so he was on top of me, Jon was more puzzled than ever while I tried to calm down my gears, as it meant that I was blushing, which was bad since I hated Tord from the bottom of my black heart.

I could feel Tord's breath on my face, I felt uncomfortable. Jon managed to get out of Tord's death hug, as he tried to push Tord off me. From another room, I heard a whole bunch of robotic voices shout, "KISS HIM TORD! MAKE OUR SHIP SAIL!"

Tord pressed his lips on my, I gasped, Jon had the same reaction as me until he squealed, "I ship it!" From that moment on, Tord and I started dating.

(Lord I hope that this was a good of a oneshot XD)

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