Twenty - Seven

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

"How did you know?" I demanded the moment I answered the call.

Mom and dad both fell silent on the other end.

"Come on! I deserve to know, don't I?" I said. "You guys want me to think you both sent that guy?"

I had locked the door of my room and was sitting down on the floor.

"Skylar, are you alright?" Dad asked.

I was about to snap back when I decided otherwise. Taking a deep breath, I exhaled. Chicken, on the other hand, who looked happy for some company, sat down on my lap.

"I-I'm fine."

"I told you to lock the doors. Why didn't you listen?" Mom asked worriedly.

I looked outside the dark night sky. "I always forget to lock the doors, mom." I pointed out the obvious.

"And you aren't hurt?" Dad asked.

I touched the slight cut on my collarbone.

"No. Caden saved me."


I rolled my eyes frustratedly. "Does that matter? What matters right now is how you knew mom?"

She fell silent again.

"It's the locker isn't it? What is in it?" I asked.

I could've found it out myself. But firstly, I couldn't find it and secondly, if it was supposed to be a locker, it must be locked.

"Skylar, why don't we come back and tell you? Face to face?" Dad asked.

I leaned my head back on the door and blew out a sigh.

"When will you come back?" I asked.

"Give us few days, dear." Mom said.

I nodded even if they weren't watching.

"Why don't you stay at Alex's tonight?" Dad suggested.

I thought they'd never say that.


I went downstairs to find Seth and Shane gone. Caden and Adrian were left. Caden looked up at me from his phone but once again, I looked away.

"Who was it?" He asked.

I looked at him with a frown. "No one."

Adrian ended the phone call and looked at us. "Seth says he might've gotten a lead."

I sighed and sat down on the couch. "You guys don't have to stay."

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