Watching a Horror Movie

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Hiii! So there's a parenting chapter I wanted to do, but after writing the first scenario, which took me an hour, no joke, I realized I needed sleep and more time. So! Here's a scenario for now to keep you entertained lolol Short and simple ✌


You weren't too big on horror movies, but there was one you were dying to see ever since you were little, and you thought it was finally time.

It was perfect, you and someone in the house with you, you were older, and you could leave all the lights on all night. Gon agreed to the movie night, so he picked up snacks on the way there. You two cuddled up under a blanket and turned off the lights as you ate snacks.

Let's just say, you regretted your decision. You spent the first half shouting, "Agh! Gon!" Into Gon's chest, and you mostly missed out on half of it, with Gon covering your eyes.

It was a bit cute, to say the least, however. He knew exactly which parts you wouldn't want embedded in your mind. But still. It was a rough time.

Finally, Gon gave you a squeeze before he put on a spongebob dvd and the two of you mostly laughed. And for the night, well, you forced him to stay the night for the next 4 days, though you barely watched the movie.


Killua loved scary movies, and being in a relationship, you had to do things to make your partners happy, even if you didn't enjoy it sometimes. And what was the big deal on scary movies?

He insisted you go to the movie theaters to watch it in 3D, which you were strongly against, but it happened anyway. You took your seats and you were already chilled by the introduction.

30 minutes in, and you were squeezing Killua's arm, and hiding your face. "Bunny, do you want to leave?" He whispered.

You shook your head in determination. "No, you're having a good time, right?"

"No.." He said. "It's boring."

What?! Boring?! The two of you got up, and left the theater, deciding to just hang out at your house. You cuddled, and stayed in bed for a while.

"Sorry for making you go. What a waste of money, too." He mumbled.

"It's fine, Kil. We can try again another time." You said. Little did you know, he just wanted you to cling on to him for protection. He smirked, pulling you into his chest more.


Honestly, he was unfazed, typical, and you were kind of bored. You decided to put on the movie at your house, but ended up on your phone as Illumi was watching you play candy pop.

You finally looked up- at the wrong time- to see the gore from a guy getting his guts pulled out. You jumped turning to stare out Illumi, who tilted his head to the side. "Scared, love?" He asked.

You shook your head. "Nah, not really. The gore is just disgusting and overused."

"Hm, yeah. I agree. The insides of a human don't look like that at all. Especially not for females. For one, the blood should be a shade darker than that.."

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