Chapter 74.

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"I just don't know what to do
I'm too afraid to love you"


"I don't... I don't understand how that's possible, how did they even... How would they get in and out without me knowing?" I stutter, feeling my heart slam in my chest as Harry steps around me and drops the photos on the coffee table, and threads his fingers into his hair.

"Because there's people who's job it is to be able to do shit like that Abby, and they're really fucking good at it" he says stressed, starting to pace as he glares at the floor looking like he's becoming more panicked and furious by the second.

"Fuck!" he shouts, kicking the coffee table and I jump back.

"Harry just, just try to calm down please - I'll call the police" I tell him quickly, trying to wrap my head around what I've just seen and the fact some stranger has been following me, that they were in my apartment.

That they saw me showering - watching me and taking pictures in my own home, it makes a sick gut wrenching feeling twist my stomach while my skin crawls.

I feel violated.

"No, I'm calling Steve" he dismisses, pulling his phone from his pocket and unlock it, and o frown when I see his hands trembling again.

"Harry... I know he's your friend and you know people, but I really think the police are the ones-"

"He is the police Abby" he cuts me off, pressing the phone to his ear, pinching the bridge of his nose when he sees my jaw drop.

"Fuck" he hisses again, like he's scolding himself.

"I'm sorry he's what?" I gape at him, watching as he rubs his hand over his face roughly.

"Steve's a cop, I'll explain, just give me a min- Steve?" Harry turns his attention to the phone answering and I just stand there like a stunned mullet.

Steve's a cop?

I'm being followed and stalked in my apartment, and Steve is a cop.

Have I entered some episode of Law & Order I don't fucking know about?

"Are you at work?" Harry asks quickly into the phone, running his hand through his hair as he starts to pace again.

"Right well, I need you to get Jimmy and come to Abbys place, I'll text you the address...- No I need you to come now I don't give a fuck what episode of Ru Paul it is, fucking get here now" Harry raises his voice becoming more irritated and I'm still speechless.

Harry growls before he snaps into the phone, looking like he's about to throw it "Can you just fucking listen! I don't care who has fucking tea on who Steve, he's got someone stalking Abby - they've been in her apartment while she was home alone, they broke into apartment and left the photos!"

He? What does he mean? Who has someone following me?

He blows out a heavy breath, nodding and running his fingers through his hair repetitively  "Right - yeah no fucking kidding, I'll see you soon"

Harry hangs up the phone, sending a quick message, shoving it back in his pocket and glances at photos on the table again, seeing the ones of me in the shower and pressing his hands to his face, hunching over as he bellows out another furious "Fuck!"

I walk over to him slowly, trying to keep my voice calm although I'm freaking the hell out,  but he looks like he's about to lose his mind "Harry what's going, who has someone following me? And Steve... Steve is seriously a police officer? How? I thought everyone you knew were all involved in all that... Illegal crap"

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