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I'm always party ready

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I'm always party ready


David was having this insane party at his house and I've been so busy filming spiderman that I haven't been able to hang out with the group lately so I thought I might as well go. I haven't had the best experiences at Davids parties *cough* getting blackout drunk and later walking into todd having sex *cough* but I'm over all of that and I just want to have a good time.  

As soon as I walked in through that door the smell of alcohol hit me hard... like it almost knocked me out. I got there pretty late so everyone was pretty much super drunk, obviously except for David who was just filming it all. I debated for a while on getting a drink but I just caved and walked over to the table with the alcohol. Jeff was standing there leaning against the wall, now Jeff was the newest member of the squad and since I've been away for a couple of months I don't really know him that well but he seems cool and I don't even need to add that he is STUPID HOT. 

"hey zendaya right?" Jeff said shifting his attention and body towards me when I got to the table. "hi omg it's so good to meet you after all this time sorry I've been kinda MIA, these last few months have been kinda crazy" I said to him and embraced him in a hug. Now even though his leather jacket, I could feel his muscles which is just crazy isn't it?? "don't apologize you are so lucky to be working on that movie that is insane" he said, I laughed at his comment and the way he said it was insanely cute. "do you want me to make you a drink, sources say that I am a great bartender especially if its for pretty ladies like you" he said while he grabbed the bottles, I instantly blushed and thank god it was kinda dark cause he would have totally seen that. " hahaha yeah but please make it soft cause I have become a lightweight" I said, for the rest of the time we talked about everything... and I mean everything I kinda forgot that we were at a party and I hadn't even said hi to most of my friends. He was not only cute but he was also shy, caring and lowkey kinda funny.  

Mariah walked towards us and I came back to reality after talking to him. Mariah came close to us and gave us a smile, then she leaned in towards and said in my ear " fist of all I love you hi, second I just want to you know that Todd is crazy jealous right now, he was just in the bathroom losing his shit" I leaned back and looked at her with a face of confusion, " wtf he has some new piece of ass every single week, he is fucking hilarious wtf I'm just talking and I don't even need to be giving explanations" I said to Mariah without Jeff being able to hear what I was telling her. "girl I know you keep enjoying your like WITH YOUR LAVENDER" she told me as she was about to walk away while I laughed at her comment. I turned back to Jeff and he asked me if everything was okay, " yeah everything is good, you know drama never fails to make an apperence in these scenarios" i told him as i laughed. 

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