The Familiar Forest

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You walked into the ORC club room and saw everybody with some familiar's out.

Wait, are they getting familiars?

Rias "Wow, you're a quick study."

Well, since you guys got yours out I might as well show you one of mine.

You placed your bag down and said the chant.

Moon chaser, come to my side. 

A bright light surrounded you and died a second later, and now there was a wolf next to you.

A bright light surrounded you and died a second later, and now there was a wolf next to you

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Asia "Cool."

His names Hati.

Rias "Hati? As in the wolf who chases the moon?"

Correct, he's one of my familiars. 

Akeno "One of?"

You looked at her and smiled.

I have multiple familiars, but what about those two?

Rias "Well, we're just discussing on how we can get them."

There was a knock on the door and you looked at the door.

Hati, hide.

The wolf turned invisible and went into a corner of the room.

Akeno "Come in!"

The door opened and the entire student council walked into the room.

Sona "Hello Rias."

Sona? Never expected her to be involved in the devil affairs.

Rias "Hello Sona what can I do for you?"

Sona "Nothing, I just wanted to congratulate you on increasing the number of your servants."

Issei "Hang on, how does she know about that?"

She's the next head of an important devil family. Her real name is Sona Sitri, the next head of the house of Sitri.

Issei "Are you saying there are other devils at our school?"

Some blonde-haired kid from Sona's family started speaking.

??? "I'm hurt Rias, you didn't tell your newest servant about us. I get it though if you can't trust him with inside information."

Sona "It's considered rude to get involved with the business of other family's."

He just looked shocked and nervous after Sona said that.

So, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? For someone who was recently elected the student council clerk. 

Sona "That's my pawn, Saji Genshirou."

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