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I clutched onto my purse as I walked from my broken down car. My engine failed for the third time this week and I'm stuck in the middle of the road, yet again, with nothing but a dead battery of my phone. I can't call anybody to come help me. Doesn't even matter. I don't have anybody here in LA with me anyways.

I turn the corner of Circle Lane and see a group of guys with a bunch of flashing lights flashing each other. They were obnoxiously loud, assuming they were drunk off their asses. Typical thing in these LA streets.

"David! David! You just got punched by a girl! And all your worried about is getting it for the vlog?!" One yells. I raise my brows at the group as I stepped off the sidewalk and onto the side of the street, avoiding the group of guys.

"Hey! Content is content, baby! Anything for the vlog!" Somebody laughs. The group gets closer as we walked passed each other. I hoped in my head none of them would bother me. I just wanna get home and into my bed.

"Anything for the vlog!" The group repeats and continues to laugh loudly. I noticed as we passed each other, one of the guys steps off into the street and bumps right into my small body. I fall flat on my back and hear the group let out a bunch of 'ooohhhh's.'

"Oh my god, Zane. Are you okay?" A guy asks but they also tried their hardest to hold their laughs back.

"Hey. Are you okay? He didn't mean to hit you." I look up and saw a silhouette of a guy figure leaned over me. He was flashing his phone light on me, I guess checking for any signs of distress.

"It's fine, really." I say, waving my hand for him to put the light out. Instead he grabs my hands and he pulls me up off the ground.

"Is that other guy okay?" I ask him.

"Zane? Oh sure, he's fine. He's just drunk off his ass right now." He chuckles at me.

"I can tell. Are you all drunk? You don't seem like you are." I say, shaking my head.

"I'm only 20." The guy laughs.

"That doesn't stop any other kids." I say.

"Your right. And I'm not big on drinking I guess. I have so much fun being sober." He chuckles.

"Hey, David! Stop flirting and lets get home!" A voice yells out. The said guy, David, and I look at a guy with a beer belly and a cowboy hat. He waved his hand for David to follow him and the rest of the group as they turned the corner I came from.

"I'm coming Heath!" David says. "You don't seem busy. Come with me." He says. I raise my brows at him. I just met the guy and he already wants me over at his house?

"Uuhhh..." I answer unsurely.

"I understand we literally met five seconds ago, but I promise you, you'll have a lot of fun." He chuckles.

"Umm. S-Sure." I stutter and I follow him. I still had yet to see his face. If I don't see his face and this guy kidnaps me and in some miracle way I survive, I won't be able to tell the police who kidnapped me.

I take a deep breath and almost held it as I followed this David stranger. We walked around three more blocks before walking up to a white Tesla. The doors opened up and everybody climbs in.

"You guys know the rules! Newbies up front." David announces. He turns to look at me and nods his head. "Your a newbie, sit up front with me." He says. I walk over to the Tesla and climbed into the passenger seat. I never looked into the Tesla, mostly because I'm a broke bitch for it, and two, that's mostly it. I'm too broke to afford a Tesla, especially the newest version. I'm too broke to even afford myself a car battery for my car! David must be successful in his life to own one of these. Imagine where he lives...

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