Scorpious' Kiss

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I lay in shock, unable to move, my heart broke in the silence, they both knew now. They would never, ever join me now on the right side, the side of purity and power. They believed I was wrong, that they had chosen the side of loyalty and grace, I knew better. They had chosen the side of stupidity and weakness. There was no way they would ever love me, it wouldn't work. It couldn't, anyway, that was fake, it wasn't true love. But it would be almost the same...


Holding Athena tightly, I swore I would never let her be taken again. Why would James want her? She wasn't family or a friend of his.

"He said he loved me Lil," Athena whispered.

Pulling back, I looked deeply into her blue eyes. It wasn't possible, my brother had gone beyond the ability to love, he was beyond the hope of saving, and eventually, either one of us would have to die.

The oaken doors of the Great Hall burst open and two figures entered the room.

"You're so funny Scorpious," a girl giggled.

"It's nothing compared to your beauty." Scorpious replied.

I nearly vomited, those words didn't belong in his mouth, it was disgusting.

Athena gave a quiet giggle. I elbowed her in the ribs, hard.


Whoops, she has cracked ribs, I forgot.

"What was that?" The girl asked.

Bending low, Scorpious saw me and Athena hiding under the Gryffindor table.

"Potter, Longbottom." He spat.

"Who's that?" The girl asked, bending low on the stone floor to see.

"Just some stupid kids in our year, Bellatrix, let's go."

Nodding, Bellatrix spat on the floor and glaring at us. She grasped the hand of Scorpious and kissed him, long and sweet, if that's a way to describe something so disgusting.

As soon as they left, Athena and I began to giggle and fake spew, we vowed to never, ever fall in love like those two.

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