Chapter Seventeen

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     Celeste Romanov watched the crowd judged Sheila with their eyes and mouths. Sheila that whore, seduced Celeste's father with her youthful vagina which Celeste's mother, Julia, couldn't give. Even Julia knew about this she never confronted her husband because of her self esteem.

She had been following Sheila for an hour after that girl came out from her father's office. And she found out her father wasn't the only victim of this whore.

"How could you say that, Catriona?" Sheila asked tears flowing from her eyes, playing the victim. "Lily is my friend, she's like my sister. I couldn't do that to her."

Catriona. Where did she hear that name? Some of the audience gasped at the name and murmured. Celeste heard a few words from them and she immediately remembered the person beside her.

Catriona Oceana Kendrick, the granddaughter of the Great General Claude. Catriona was given the title, Golden Princess, at the early age by the king himself and another title after she declined the second prince's proposal right at his face with a blank look, the prince called her the Ice Flower Lady.

     "I really pity you, Sheila. How would Lily react if she discovers that her friend was sleeping with her father behind her back."

"What do care for Lily's feeling? You always ignore her. Lily wanted to be close to you but you evade her like she's  some trash, that's why I took your part and became her older sister and now you're accusing me." She cried more and loudly.

Celeste could feel her palm craved for Shiela's face and make sure she won't wake up. She should have hired for an assassin to kill this father-fucking-bitch.

Catriona stepped forward, pulled a handkerchief and wiped Sheila's fake tears.

What is she doing? Don't tell me she was persuaded by those lies? Celeste thought.

"You know, Sheila. It's never too late to change, for yourself and for your friend, my sister. You can become a better person than the person you right now." Catriona's flat voice turned into a soft and alluring voice, like a mother singing lullabies.

Sheila's looked confused then becomes irritated slapping Catriona's hand. "Don't touch me!" She pushed Catriona hard making the girl almost fall on her butt but Celeste caught her right on time. "I don't need your useless opinion because you're accusation is a lie. And don't give me that emotion it's creepy. Why can't you vanish from Lily and Duke Nikolai's life like your dead mother?!"

Catriona's sister and husband had a thing?

"What do you think you are doing? Hurting a noble who clearly was helping you wipe that dirty tears of yours," Celeste snapped. She now wanted to kill the bitch with her bare hands if not because of the girl she was still holding. "There's an equivalent punishment for hurting a noble and everyone is the witness of that."

Fear washed Sheila's face and her color drained. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. It was an accident, please forgive me." She started to cry again.

"Why don't you go back to the red district where you actually belongs? Not opening your legs to every married man and destroying families." Celeste glared at the bitch who disappeared away from the crowd. She moved away from Catriona and asked, "Are you alright?"

Catriona was smiling which was a rare sight, it was said that you could see her smile when she's with Duke Nikolai, her husband. She was gorgeous that even Celeste's heart skipped a beat from her smile. Catriona who couldn't hold herself anymore laughed. Her laughter was like a song, clear and soft.

"I should have let you speak to Sheila in the first place," Catriona said. "Thank you for saving me and my child. I owe you."

     Her eyes went to Catriona's stomach. The person in front of her was wearing a blue dress that was uniquely made, it looked light and beautiful. Celeste never saw such design in her life. With her light dress, she doesn't look pregnant.

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