one direction dirty 4some

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#imagine you were at the mall and you bumped into liam Louis and zayn. "Hey guys what are you doing here?" You say cheerfully. "Oh we are just looking around." Liam says. "Want to come back to our place?" Zayn says. "Sure let me just pay for my stuff." You tell them.

After you pay for your stuff you go back to their place and you are slammed against the wall. "whats going on?" You say panicking. "Dont worry you'll have fun." Louis says against your neck. You and liam are making out while Louis is sucking on your neck and zayn is undressing you. You all somehow get undressed and liam carrys you to the bed.

He sets you on the bed and starts kissing you again. Then Louis thrust into your bum and zayn slammed into your center. You screamed out in pain and said "ahhh! It hurts!" But they didn't listen. Instead they just kept on thrusting as fast as they can.

The pain soon turned into pleasure and you moaned out "faster!" They sure did listen to that though and thrust even faster. Then liam started rubbing your clit and that sent you over the edge. You came all over zayns dick and then he and Louis came. You just then noticed that liam was wanking off and he came all over your stomach.

Then harry and Niall walked in and seen all of you sprawled out all over the bed. "Umm er we will just leave you all alone then." And shut the door.

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