Smoke Two Joints In The Evening [Dylan Klebold x Reader]

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You draped your old, faded flannel over your form as you gathered your car keys, lighter, a couple of CD's from your collection, and lastly and most importantly, a small tin full of prerolled joints that you had prepared for the night ahead of you

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You draped your old, faded flannel over your form as you gathered your car keys, lighter, a couple of CD's from your collection, and lastly and most importantly, a small tin full of prerolled joints that you had prepared for the night ahead of you.

Your parents were out for the weekend so that gave you the complete freedom to do whatever you desired on the cool, spring Friday night.

As you opened the door and sat in the ripped seat to your old, rusted out 70 Chevy Nova, you took a breath in as you opened the mint tin, closing the car door as you placed one of the marijuana cigarettes to your lips, flicking your lighter to the tip and slowly inhaling, your body beginning to feel complete bliss.

The key turned in the ignition and the engine rumbled. You turned on the radio and switched out the cd in the player. The previous album being replaced by 40oz To Freedom by Sublime. A small smirk appeared on your face as you pulled out of the driveway of your house, revving your engine as you sped down the road to your boyfriend's house, Dylan Klebold.

You had to admit to yourself, you would've never thought a guy like Dylan would ever fall for you. Oh not fall for you...more like being completely obsessed with you. He treated you like a queen, and you did reward him greatly so to speak.

You continued to take long drags off of the cigarette, tapping your hands on the wheel to the music, your mind dozing off for a second, thinking about Dylan, leaving a smile plastered on your face and you held the cigarette between your lips.

Minutes later, your car pulled into the Klebold's household driveway. You turned down your music and gathered the tin, lighter and cds. Hiding the lighter and tin in your back pockets as you knocked on the door, and a familiar face answered.

You were met face to face with Eric Harris himself, and your smile faded slightly. "Oh, hey Y/N, I didn't know you were gonna be here.~" he said and you smiled annoyingly as you tried to push past him. "Yeah, me either..." you said under your breath as he finally moved, putting out your cigarette before entering the house.

You looked around the house and assumed that Dylan was in the basement. So you walked down the stairs and sure enough, there he was, sitting on the couch, KMFDM blasting through the stereo. "Hey Dylan, I see that Eric is here." You said with a small smile on your face as you sat on the couch next to him. "Oh shit, I forgot to tell you. I hope you don't mind?" He asked with a sheepish smile plastered on his lips as Eric walked down the stairs.

"Oh's fine." You responded as you stood up from the couch and walked to the stereo, turning down the volume and replacing the CD, hearing Eric gasp behind you as you placed Superunknown by Soundgarden in and turned up the volume once again.

You turned around to see Eric crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. You simply smiled at him as you pulled the tin from out of your pocket, placing another joint to your lips as you offered one to Dylan, him simply shaking his head, but Eric peaked over at what you offered and he smirked.

"Do you sell?" He asked, you looked over at him as you placed the tin down and burning the tip with your lighter, rasing your eyebrow. "And if I do, what's it to you, Harris?" You responded with a cocky tone to your voice. "Oh just wondering. But how much for one of them cigarettes, Y/N?"

You let out a small laugh as you tucked your H/C hair away from your face. "I'll give you this one on the house, but I usually go 10 bucks a joint." You handed him the tin and the lighter. And Dylan stood up, "How about we go in the back, my mom will flip if she smells this shit." He spoke up and you chuckled as the three of you exited out of the house and into the backyard.

You dragged on your cigarette as Dylan wrapped an arm around your form, pulling you close to him and he leaned down to place a small kiss on your lips, (personality just so Dylan could see Eric's reaction). You looked over at Eric who was red in the face, taking a inhale off the reafer, handing you back the lighter.

The two of you continued to share small chuckles and definitely having your share on plenty of opportunities to light up. It was around 10:30 at night and you and Eric were completely stoned, both of you sharing laughs and everything seeming slow to you and Eric.

Dylan simply laughed with the both of you, sharing in the fun throughout the night until you were out of it. The three of you migrated back into the basement, you laying on Dylan's lap as he played with your hair, Eric laying on the floor in front of you two, seeming to have fallen asleep.

You looked up at Dylan with your slightly red-tinted eyes. He looked down at you with a small smile on his lips, and you placed a small kiss on them, his tounge tasting of tobacco from the cigarettes he had smoked throughout the evening.

"I think I was wrong about Eric." You babbled out and Dylan rose an eyebrow, "And why's that Y/N?" You laughed quietly as you looked into his eyes, "He's actually pretty cool. I just thought he was just your anxious and edgy friend, but he's actually kind of like you..." you responded. "But of course I'll always love you more.~"

You could see Dylan smile and roll his eyes, "You damn better, or I'll have to come for you AND Eric.~" you laughed quietly and sat up, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for a passionate kiss.

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