Two months later:

"Ash pick up your toys" I said and she walked over putting them all in a basket. "when are uncle Harry,Louis,Niall,and Zayn coming over?" she asked

"they should be here any minute" I said and then the door bell rang. Ash ran over and opened the door

"Happy Birthday!" they all cheered walking inside. Harry picked up Ash and spun her around. I noticed a really pretty girl with long curly blonde hair dip dyed pink at the ends that went all the way down to her waist over by Zayn. I walked over to them and said "hey zaynie"

"hey Kenzie this is my girlfriend Addie" he said and the girl waved up close I noticed that she had sparkling blue eyes.

"hey" I said "I'm Kenzie"

"I know and I'm Addie" she said

"it is very nice to meet you" I said

"same with you" she said smiling

I walked over to Ash who was with Harry. "is my daddy coming?" Ash asked Harry "I'm sorry sweetie he's not" he said and her smile dropped. Harry stood up and hugged me "Kenzie this is my girlfriend,Hannah. Hannah this is Kenzie" he said to the girl standing next to him she had Chestnut brown hair all the way down to her waist. Wow I did not get the long hair memo. Her eyes were green just like Harry's.

"hi" I said and she replied with a "hi" and a smile. I made my way over to Louis and Eleanor "El it's been so long!" I cried hugging her

"what about me?" Louis pouted and I hugged him too. "wait where is Niall?" I asked and right on cue Niall walked in pulling a girl with straight dark brown hair that fell on the middle of her back and dark brown eyes. I groaned and hugged Niall "what's wrong babe?" he asked and I said "every girl here is beautiful and then there is me" I said "thank you but your way prettier than me" the girl said

"I'm Caitlin by the way"she said

"thank you and I'm Kenzie" I said

"mommy can I open my presents now?" Ash asked and looked up at me "do you want to eat cake first?" I asked and she nodded her gaze landed on Niall and she yelled "Uncle Niall" he picked her up and hugged her. "happy birthday" he said and she giggled.

"who wants cake?" I asked and everyone said me. I got it out and it was chocolate with pink frosting and said Happy Birthday Ashlyn! In purple. Harry lit the candles and I dimmed the lights we sang and then cut the cake. I handed out pieces to everybody and Louis pushed Niall's face into the piece he had on his plate. Niall lifted up his head and everybody laughed he had pink frosting all over his face and in his blonde hair. Ash kept laughing and then put her face in the cake. I took a picture on her and then one of her and Niall together "this is so going on twitter" I said.

Kenzie_weatherly: @Niallofficial and Ashlyn playing with their cake!

#HappyBirthdayAshlyn was already trending on twitter. "present time!" Ash yelled running over to the stack of presents over by the couch. "hold on" I said getting a paper towel to wipe her face. I wiped it clean and she ran over to the presents there were five shaped exactly like one another. She ripped open one that was a Niall doll,one that was a Harry doll,one of Louis,and one of Zayn. "wow guys" I said laughing at them. I opened them up for her and she started playing. "mommy I don't have a daddy doll" she said

"oh yeah this is from Liam" Harry said handing me a Liam doll I opened it and gave it to Ash

"yay" she cheered

"I need to get my self one of those" I mumbled but they all heard me. "here" Louis said giving me one. I grabbed it from him and snapped the head off. Everyone stared at me and Ash started crying she ran to her room. "ash I'm sorry" I said standing up.

"I will talk to her" Harry said going to her room. Everybody was silent and I put my head in my hands. The door bell rang and I walked over and opened it. Liam stood there "hey can I come in?" he asked I nodded and let him in. I noticed the headless Liam doll laying on the floor so I threw it a Louis when Liam wasn't looking. Liam looked at the headless doll of himself and shook his head. I couldn't help but laugh. Harry came back with Ash who's cheeks were tear stained. "daddy" she yelled running to Liam "hey baby girl" he said "happy birthday how old are you now?" he asked her

She held up four fingers and said "four" he kissed her forehead and set her down.

"I have some presents for you" he said handing them to her. She ripped one open and held up a One Direction shirt that had all of them on it. The next one was a purple stuffed bear that said Ashlyn on the stomach. Ash went to play with all of her toys and Liam asked "can we talk?" I looked around and said "sure" I led him into my room and I sat down on my bed.

"I love you Kenzie" he said

"I know you do" I said crossing my arms across my chest.

"please Kenzie give me another chance" he begged

"you broke my heart twice" I said my eyes watering.

"there is nothing I love more than you and Ashlyn" he said getting closer to me before I knew it his lips were hovering over mine. I felt his warm breath on my lips and his touched mine. Our lips moved in sync and his tongue poked my bottom lip asking for entrance I let his tongue slip into my mouth and then he pulled away. "you have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that again" he said before kissing me again.

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