(Q&Q) we are very good at being hated

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bingey_effervezent looks: amazing as always. His long, shiny hair is some-up/some-down, his skin dewy and supple yet smooth and featureless. He's got some rather fetching lightning bolts sculpted into his architecturally designed beard and his silver biogenic organza gown by Lustressa is pure drip. He pauses, breathes, then goes Live and immediately forces every ounce of his incredibly majestic persona through his screen. 

"FRIENDS, I'm so excited to be here today at the Wood2 Arena Mall!" [waves of intense screaming] "We've got such a special event for you today - the Superfine Trio vs the Qrrashiclan Sisters." [waves of intense screaming] "Yes y'all, it's happening, the grudge match to end all grudge matches. A 3 on 2 winner take all battle that will test these amazing young women's shopping acuity, physical stamina, and sense of selves. So tell me this: Are? You? freaking? ready??????"

The arena erupts with the obsessed screams of love and anger only the most desperate fandoms can provide. The Arena Mall is a cavernous space, 4 concentric rings of shops encircled by 4 larger rings filled with hundreds and hundreds of screaming fans. Zonnys hover everywhere, pointing in every direction, capturing and collecting every moment, every movement, every face, every reaction, every heart rate, every decibel, every tic of every muscle.

"Friends let's talk about it," bingey continues. "Qannen and Qynka, the heirs to the Qrrashiclan Dynasty. Some say their stars have been fading in recent seasons, that they've been on a long slow decline ever since the tragic and untimely death of their parents. There's even rumors of terrible infighting between them since Qynka was implicated in the horrific murder of Raminashi's girlfriend Lamantine. There's a growing sense that this is their last real shot at lasting stardom. This is their mo - do they still have what it takes to compete in the Arena?"

He pauses and there's lots of screaming. The consensus is: No.

"And then there's the Superfines, Arkkelina, Anhedine, and Azelbeth. So far undefeated the Arena, are they due for an upset? On the past season of SuperFoine, Anhedine and Azelbeth seemed determined to surpass Arkkelina as the dominant sister. Mom Alikatase, the SuperFine supreme, will be watching from the stands, ready to punch her daughters in the mouth if they don't perform up to her expectations!" The camera shows Alikatase in a finely-appointed viewing booth high above the Arena, nodding vigorously in agreement, her leashed boys kneeling blankly at her feet.

Now bingey works the crowd, inviting audience opinions. "So who do you think will win" bingey asks a girl with huge glittery AAA emblazoned across her forehead.

"Superfine for sure. They've shown such refined taste lately, especially Anhedine, and I just feel like they'll take a very curatorial approach to the mall today."

"OK what about you?" bingey asks a girl who's there to promote her new line of skin tricks. "Who's going to win today?"

"You know, it's interesting. Qynka and Qannen are kind of in a post-editorial place lately and I wonder if that will hinder their ability to take advantage of brand interactions to the extent that would enable their success."

"So, Superfine."

"Yah Superfine. Except Azelbeth will probably die in round 2 but I'm mad at her so WHO CARES." Everyone around her immediately turns on her in fury as bingey returns to the camera.

"Wow brilliant. You know one of the things I can't help but notice is that the Superfinedom is out in full force today. But the Qrrashiclandom remains fairly splintered. The Lamaqynks mostly became the Ramilams and things never really recovered." He turns to a girl wearing one of Qannen's shirts - the one that shows her getting fingered in the Tower with the words I SUPPORT ART. "How do you think that will affect their chances today?"

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