Chapter 25

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Lauren's P.O.V

Normani and I decided not to explain to Jordan and Sierra who exactly Camila is just yet. I'm sure Jordan would understand but he would ask questions and Sierra would ask more questions than I could even think of. If things go good, we'll tell them who she is in the future when they're older or hell, they may figure it out on their own, my kids are pretty smart.

Though I told Aiden to invite Camila over, I changed my mind, not because I don't want her to come but a better opportunity presented itself. Aiden's first game is today. Inviting her to the game takes a lot of pressure off the situation so it may be a lot less awkward. Well I hope so anyway. I figure since it'll be a crowd of people, it will put everyone at ease, no awkward pauses.

I'm just realizing that Camila is pretty much getting to know everyone. Yeah, she and Normani we're kind of acquaintances but that was a long time ago and we had a kid together but I don't know her and she doesn't know me so she's basically surrounded by strangers. Which is why I invited the two most friendly people I know, though they were probably going to show up anyway.

"Pretty big turn out for the first game of the season." Dinah Jane says as we walk to our seats.

"Not really, it's the normal amount."

"Yeah, it's always pretty full every game." Normani says from her spot in front of Dinah.

"You'd know if you came more." I say.

"I can't help my work schedule Lauren. What number is he again?" She asks.

"You don't really need to know. He's pretty much the only quarterback you'll see." I say as we all take our seats.

"How the hell did I get stuck next to you?" Dinah rolls her eyes at me.

"I won't respond to that. Where's Camila?" Dinah asks me and I shrug.

"I don't know, I'm not her keeper. She knows when the game starts so." I shrug again and Dinah turns towards Normani and starts talking. Seriously, how did I get stuck next to Dinah? I'd rather be sitting next to Normani but whatever. I wonder where Camila is though. Is she coming? I really hope she didn't get Aiden's hopes up just to let him down. Hopefully she's not fucking up already but the game hasn't started yet so there's time. I feel my phone vibrate in pocket and I pull it out to see a text message from Camila. She had a hard time finding somewhere to park.

"Tell Mani I'll be right back." I tell Dinah before I stand and move down the bleachers. I figure I'd just meet Camila that way she won't be lost. By the time I move through the people and get to the entrance, Camila is already there. She sees me and smiles as she walks towards me.

"You would think this was an NFL game or something." She says once she reaches me.

"A football fan is something serious." Camila chuckles and I turn to begin walking while she follows.

"Yeah, I've heard you're a crazy fan." She says playfully.

"Not really just supporting my kid. I don't watch football if he's not involved." Camila nods.

"I have never watched a football game in my life."

"So you're going to ask me questions the whole game right?" I ask and she nods.

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