Chapter 24

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Lauren's P.O.V

After years and years of being friends with Hanna, I've never realized how much she talks. I mean I dated her and still didn't notice that she can just keep going and going. I like that we're still friends but damn it, shut up from time to time. I've been trying to get rid of her for the last ten minutes but I finally get lucky when I hear Emily in the background telling her to get off the phone. Finally, she hangs up and I sit my phone down on the bed. Normani, Sierra and Jordan went to run some errands and Aiden is out in the living room with Christina playing some video game. I see my door being pushed open and when I look up, I don't see a body so I look down and see Leo pushing the door open with his head. I definitely have a love hate relationship with that dog, we have our days where we like each other and days where we don't. Today is a neutral day so I'll let him stay in here. I get up to go the bathroom and pet Leo on my way out. As I'm walking in the hall, I see Christina and Aiden in the living room. They're backs are towards me so I can only see them.

"You know Ashley right?" I hear Christina say to Aiden.

"Ashley who?"

"The Ashley who looks like she should work at Hooters." She says and Aiden looks towards her, smirks and nods head.

"Oh that Ashley. Yeah, what about her?"

"She's into you." Christina says as she keeps her head focused towards the TV.

"How do you know?" Aiden asks.

"I heard her say it in the locker room. You should ask her out." Aiden glances at her with a curious look.

"I should?" Christina nods.

"Yeah. Why not?" Aiden shrugs and looks back at the TV.

"Not sure I'm interested."

"Why? There's so many girls after you, you don't want to date just one?" She asks.

"Well there are plenty of girls." He smirks and Christina laughs. I roll my eyes and chuckle softly myself.

"But I'm not talking to them either."

"Why not?" Aiden shrugs.

"Just not. I'm interested in one girl." Someone pauses the game, probably Christina since she just turned her whole body towards him.

"Who?! Since when? And why am I just finding out?" She asks. Why am I still standing here? I do really have to piss but for some reason I think I know where this is going. Aiden laughs nervously and shrugs.

"Dude I don't know and you don't need to know who it is." Christina pushes his chest.

"Come on. Who is she? I won't say anything." I can see the inner battle Aiden is having with himself as he fidgets in his seat. He shakes his head with a smile and Christina groans.

"Fine, but I will find out."

"If you say so." She rolls her eyes then looks at her phone.

"Oh, I have to go." She says.

"Where the hell are you going?" Aiden asks her.

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