"Don't Say No To This."

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"G-Get away from me!" You shouted with tears filled with fear started to leak out of your eyes. You shut them tightly and mentally wished and hope for someone to save you. Maybe this is it, maybe Rantaro would have your blood in his hands.

The next few moments were a blur. You only had your hearing to help you figure out what had happened. Someone came rushing in to your aid, pick something up, and a loud bang was heard. It felt like forever that you stood in silence. Until suddenly, you felt warmth. Cracking an eye open, you see a familiar shade of blue in front of you. It was Valt's hoodie that he always wore. Does this mean that Valt had saved you?

"It's okay...you're going to be okay," his soft voice reassures you. You felt his fingers running through your hair as his other hand caressed your back. "I told you he was bad, [First name]." You felt safe in his arms, nobody could hurt you, nobody could touch you. Valt felt a sinister grin appearing on his lips as he felt you shakily hug him back.

"I know...I...should've listened to you..." Your words were muffled, but they still reached Valt's ears. Hearing those words made Valt's heart soar. You're dependant on him now. You just have to be! Especially starting from the incident weeks ago. Where a bookcase toppled over and Valt was conveniently there just in time. You've gotten in a relationship the week after, and that certainly angered Valt. He warned you that your new boyfriend would cheat, but you didn't believe him. You learned it the hard way as Valt showed you 'evidence' of your boyfriend cheating on you.

Or even that time when someone had made flirty comments about you. You ignored it, obviously, but when they did it in front of Valt. Well, you didn't know what happened, but he never came back to school afterward. It wasn't until a week later that he was dead—found put away in a dark alleyway. And once Valt was questioned, he looked just as shocked as everyone else. You noticed how weird he acted when he was asked, but shrugged it off since Valt was never the type of guy to do things like that! Never once it came across in your head.

Maybe...maybe you don't need anyone else. Valt's always been the sweet guy he was. Always showering you with gifts, free bread from his family's bakery, free meals over at a restaurant. At first, you had thought that he just wanted to be a nice friend since you did have friends like him. His family, whenever they decided to visit, were always so welcoming.

"Don't dwell on that now, [Nickname]," Valt whispered, giving the top of your head a kiss. He hugged her tighter, almost never wanting to let go. "As long as you have me around, you'll be safe." He reassured and felt his heart thump against his chest. "You don't need anyone else but me. Can you promise me that?"

Yes, his wording was weird. Alarming, even. But you didn't pay attention to that. You felt safe in his arms, and who cares if he's possessive. Who cares if Rantaro's body was laying on the ground beside the one Valt had killed beforehand. As long as he's here, watching out for you...

...it's fine.

Aoi Tokonatsu

~Yandere Type - Manipulator~

"Aoi Tokonatsu, you're here because you're a suspect for the disappearance of [Last name] [First name]," the detective informed as he wrote away on the papers. The said boy looked concerned and also hurt as to why they would suspect him of such a horrible crime. Like anyone else, he, too, was worried sick on where his beautiful friend could be! How dare they!

"Honestly, I can't believe that I'm being accused of doing this," Tokonatsu sniffled, tears pricking at the edge of his eyes. He lets one tear fall out before wiping away the rest. "I've known [First name] ever since we were nine, how would I even do such a thing?" His voice cracks as the detective sighed and rubbed his temples. Tokonatsu seemed to be really telling the truth, the crying and shaky shoulders told him everything. But still, carried on the interrogation.

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