"Don't Say No To This."

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"When her body's on mine I do not say (no!)...



If they're Yandere's + What type would they be?

(*A little extra context. You aren't in a fluffy relationship. This takes place in a high school and above type of setting, meaning no Beyblades unless absolutely neccessary. This will contain sexual innuendos/graphic descriptions. All of the characters will have their own houses to live in—they're not big, just enough for them to live ((just pretend for the sake of this scenario))

***Also I do not condone anything of this sort. This is mental/physical abuse and this is not okay. ((IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY WANTING A YANDERE AND/OR 'IS ONE' YOU NEED PHYSIOLOGICAL HELP BECAUSE THIS IS IRREGULAR AND DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR)).

Sorry for that, I just find the idea of having a Yandere love me or anyone else, uncomfortable. But writing and reading it is enjoyable, as long as if not happening to anyone in real life.)


Aoi Valt

~Yandere Type - Manipulator~

Brown hues look up from his notebook filled with scribbles and drawings. His fingers tapped against the desk like a melody he's making up as he goes. The sounds of his teacher rambling about the lesson today fell deaf on his ears. He didn't care, his thoughts and attention were on a certain girl sitting a few seats in front of him. They clouded his mind with so many scenarios and thoughts, and so many times he's thought about getting intimate with them.

Valt closed his eyes and allowed his thoughts to roam free. How would it feel like if he had run his fingers through their hair? Their soft, silky, and cute [h/c] locks would feel amazing—heaven, even! Oh! What about their adorable and probably squishy, cheeks?! He's dreamed about the countless of times he would pinch and kiss them endlessly. Don't forget their cute, plumped, pink lips of theirs, too...

Valt opens his eyes as a newfound blush overtakes his cheeks as he dove deeper in his mind. His thoughts escalated into something a normal person would be flustered and dared not to think about. But he isn't normal, far from it, actually. Someday, you would be his—when Valt confesses it'll be all worth it. if you were to say yes, then it would make him the happiest person in the entire world. But, if you were to say no...


...you never had a choice anyway.


Your hands were clammy, sweat trickled down your forehead as you held on your school uniform tightly. Almost as if you ever let go, you'll end up the same way the lifeless body who lays right in front of you. The killer, stained in red, stays in their spot—staring at their hands with shock.

The murderer turns around after sensing someone behind him. And that's when you noticed who it was. It was a shocker, even to you. "R-Rantaro?" You stammered, taking steps back in fear. The blonde's eyes widen as he hurriedly tried to explain his actions.

"W-Wait! [First name]!" He tried to reach out for you, but you jumped back in fear. You knew you couldn't overpower him even if you wanted to. You're just a school girl, who has no experience in fighting or anything. And worst of all, you're weaponless while Rantaro had a gun. "I...I didn't do this! S-Somone else killed him! They just gave me the gun an-and..." His eyes grew wider, if that's even possible, as he threw away the murder weapon. "I swear on my life, I didn't do anything!" He successfully grabbed your wrist as you began to panic.

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